"All our events are small and intimate groups" 
Lone Vigils Investigations are a Paranormal Investigation Team that are dedicated to the research and findings of the Paranormal world.
We as a team have travelled far and wide across the length and breadth of the country to many incredible locations, coming across some amazing evidence.
Lone Vigils Investigations pride ourselves on committing 'YOU' the guest, alone time in finding 'YOUR' evidence of this exciting, but sometimes scary field.
We pride our events of being a small, intimate group that provide many chances of Lone Vigils and with this small group being able to do 'YOUR' thing, that 'YOU' as the guest pay.
Why not come along and try some of our amazing events, that cover the North East and Teesside area OR try our events at Scotland and see what you can uncover with the Lone Vigils Investigations team.

Please visit the Event Store to view and book onto your next investigation OR email us at lonevigilsinvestigations@gmail.com OR feel free to Call us today on 07707741411

Lone Vigils Investigations is the trading name of Lone Vigils Investigations Ltd.
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