About YOUR Event 

We at Lone Vigils Investigations pride all our events that you book with us only having small and intimate groups so you get to be the investigator.
We limit ALL our events to 10-12 spaces, so that you get the lone time to investigate these amazing locations across the North East and Teesside area. We will often release an event with upto 20 guests. This is due to the costing of the venue and doing so allows us to keep the price down for our guests to spread the cost out.

Our events are always 100% investigation and vigil events, we won't waste time by taking you on a history tour or walk about of the venue (apart from in the interests of health & safety).
Any equipment that you will be using throughout the event will be explained as and when needed.
Experiments  that we use include:
Table Tilting, Glass Divination, Scrying, Ouija boards, Human Pendulums, EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena), Experiments and other audio equipment using the latest ghost hunting tools.
You may take photos/videos with your own cameras throughout our ghost hunts. You may also use any of your own ghost hunting equipment.
As much as we use these bits of equipment and experiments, We find the best tool out there is yourselves...
We cannot guarantee activity on any of our events BUT we can guarantee that no activity will be faked to enhance our evenings.  Anyone found to be faking will be removed immediately.
We are ALL in this to experience the world of Paranormal and to see if we can ALL find credible evidence into the Paranormal World.


Lone Vigils Investigations can provide a professional private paranormal night package at haunted locations for:-

*Corporate Events

*Team Building Events

*Christmas Parties

*Charity Events

*Birthdays and Anniversaries

*Group Bookings

*Hen and Stag Events

* And Many more

Our events are affordable and professional and our extensive experience make us the perfect choice for your private ghost hunt event.

For more information contact us now.