30 East Drive 15 Hour Lockdown, Wednesday 16th October

Upon entering we were filled with the sensation of being watched and uncomfortable. Walking around the house you hit a few hot spots that have a heavy feeling.
As guests arrived, they too mentioned an uneasy feeling...is this just psychological knowing we were at 30 East Drive and the stories that belong to the location or was it the impressions left in the house? We would find out through the night!
We began in the living room with our white light protection and began to open our senses and become familiar with the building’s natural noises and began to call out. During this a guest called out in panic as she fell towards other guests. She explained she came over dizzy but didn’t feel she had been pushed by unseen hands and felt she lost her balance through the sudden dizzy ness which left as soon as it came.
We continued to call out and noticed noises along with the sound of footsteps in the room upstairs. Some guests braved it and went up to see but nothing.
Strange smells were noticed throughout the evening, what some described as an old musky smell. Downstairs seemed quiet with a sense of being watched and a guest felt he was being sworn at. Movement happed over by the curtains which made a few jump and on Investigation couldn’t determine what it was. A guest who was sat on a chair in the living room had a sensation of a sharp pain in her shoulder area which later in the night another guest sitting in the same chair picked up on the same experience.
Upstairs guests noticed in one of the bedrooms a light shade swinging on its own. They tried to gain explication for this but were unable to.
We tried to investigate upstairs as a group but felt very flat with no equipment being effected. During our time upstairs noises and movement was heard downstairs and we retreated back down. We had good strong responses on the k2 to questions being asked along with taps and bangs on request. A male groan was heard a few times and outside area was checked but no one could be seen.
2 doors that had been left open had been closed a jar while everyone was upstairs, we can’t say 100% the doors had been left open and was only from memory but was interesting that this was with both doors.
The SLS camera picked up a couple of figures in various parts of the house and were able to get some great responses to questions using the SLS.
During a table tipping session guests had excellent response but soon became very flat again.
We all attended 30 East Drive with very high hopes for the night and the group was fantastic with so much energy to give throughout what was an enjoyable event.
We always say activity isn’t guaranteed on any Investigation and certainly East Drive showed us that no matter how much energy was giving out through the night the activity would be very quiet and limited. It did at times feel like we were being given the run around due to being downstairs and hearing noises upstairs so retreating upstairs and having noises downstairs. It was clear that whatever resides at 30 East Drive was keeping activity to a minimum.
All attendees were absolutely amazing and really made the night. We look forward to seeing you all again in the future.

TEAM LEADERS: Clare and Chris