30 East Drive Lockdown Monday 3rd Feb


We began with our white light protection in the living room, during this the K2 began to spike.   Upon this time a shadow was seen walking past 3 members of the group to which a cold temperature fluctuation was felt by one guest. We then began with opening up our senses and noises of the building while calling out.
A couple of guests shared the same experience of their legs going cold and a sensation of nipping which could only describe as a dog possibly nipping their ankles. Another guest felt as if the chair they were sat on was being rocked and at this time another guest felt like she was being pushed forwards and backwards. Cold sensations were felt during this time along with some K2 activity. A couple of taps and bangs were heard from upstairs which responded to the question would you like us to join you upstairs. This then led us up there.
Guests settled in various areas and taps, bangs and k2 activity were heard along with the noise of the metal handles on the drawers moving as if something was opening or closing them. Upon inspection we think that the top drawer may have closed by unseen hands. During the time we were upstairs, slight movement was heard downstairs along with the sound of a door closing as if it had clicked shut. Upon inspection there was nothing to confirm this.
Strong K2 activity was responsive to questions in the bedroom along with a static sensation and a couple experienced goosebumps on their arms at this time. Trigger objects had been placed in the bedrooms at the start of the evening but none had been moved throughout the night. A couple of figures on the SLS camera were picked up on where we had a small amount of responsive actions to what we were asking. The Mel Meter also showed temperature fluctuations and this also instantly had the batteries drained from the equipment.
Dowsing rods were used where a couple of guests experienced some good activity.
During glass work 3 ladies connected with a spirit that was called Gloria, she wasn’t connected to the land or building but had come with Chris. As we all thought this could be a member of the team we soon realised this wasn’t the case and did indeed have some relevance to one of the guests. Due to this being personal we won’t disclose this information. The glass varied with energy with at times experiencing some very strong energy coming through. This suddenly all came to a complete stop and the energy had gone.
A spirit box session in the living room showed all to be quiet except for when one particular guest had hold of it. Words that came through were quiet hard to hear but seemed to be responding to questions the lady was asking. We did all possibly hear the words ‘Get out’ or Go away’. We also asked how many living were in the room and the number 7 was heard along with us asking what the name was of a guest that had joined us with his name being heard to our amazement.
A large orange flash was seen by 5 members to which couldn’t be explained and 2 that witnessed the flash also heard a whistle.
Movement on the stairs as if someone was walking up them was also heard but upon checking nobody was there.
A few evp sessions also picked up a few sighs.

The house soon fell into complete silence and as 3.30am came everyone was tucked up in their sleeping bag ready to get their head down.

All in all, some good activity although quiet at times, it’s fair to say that almost everyone experienced something during our 15 hour lockdown.

We would like to thank all guests who attended for being fantastic throughout the evening and for your amazing energy. We look forward to seeing you all again soon.


TEAM LEADERS: Clare and Chris