Backworth Hall Sunday 1st December 2019

So the LVI team returned back to Backworth Miners Hall, Newcastle & after doing our white light protection we began the night upstairs in the main room with opening up on senses in the dark. A lady sat in the corner was immediately picked up on watching us & noises were being heard by guests in that area of the room. A light shining downstairs was then noticed by guests & immediately our host for the evening Craig went to check as no lights had been left on, upon returning he had found no lights to be left on and upon checking the lights now had gone out. Few other guests had also experienced a cold sensation around there legs along with possible movement down the stairs which was heard by all. We then decided to move downstairs with movement being heard as headed into the front room with all taking there seats to begin calling out. A SB7 spirit box session begun and although nothing came through, we did have some very strange interference on the box which could not be explained. 
A noise which could only be described as something sounding like a man's snoring/breath was heard along with constant K2 spikes. Plenty of movement could be also heard from upstairs & 1 team member thought he had heard voices coming from the hallway which a guest then joined him & he got the sensation of being ice cold. 1 guest had also seen a shadow walk across the window but upon inspection we had noticed the windows to be to high for anyone to cast a shadow from outside as the window was a good 6ft off the floor. 
After a quick break we then decided to head downstairs into the crypt area and as soon as everyone had got comfortable the teddy bear K2 began to spike & a child had come forward. Whilst this was happening the MEL meter was also spiking out in the hallway. We then all moved to another part of the crypt area & we had noticed the battery had drained completely on the MEL meter when a brand new battery had been placed earlier on in the day. A sense of being watched in this part of the room was being sensed by guests, especially in 1 part if the room & also a loud bang was heard by all and could not be explained.
As we returned back to the previous and decided on trying to build up more energy, we all then held hands and began asking out. Straight away the K2 meter began spiking & a loud bang was heard on the locker doors. The room seemed to get darker & colder and voices could be heard from the other side of the wall & also what everyone thought was a scream from out in the corridor leading back upstairs. As a team member went to investigate this movement was seen on the K2 again & more voices were heard which led to the group getting hysterically scared & a group huddle ended up in the middle of the room & once the feeling of being scared had subsided the group then began laughing hysterically at one an other due to how scared and screaming we had become. We decided due to all this energy being raised by us all becoming scared & then the laughter, a ouija board would be a good idea to do and once a team member had opened up the board correctly we began.
The energy on the board was slow but k2 spiked which was next to the board. Although the planchette moved it didn't make sense with what was being spelt out and no confirmation as to whether the spirit could spell or not. The board was closed down.
A brilliant night with a group full of so much fantastic energy which really made the night what it was. Thank you to all attendees and we look forward to seeing you all again soon.


TEAM LEADERS: Clare and Chris