Bishops Manor Saturday 2nd October 2021

 Cam, Chris and Ged scoped out Bishops Manor before the guests arrived.
We had a lot of activity which unnerved us all. Ged experienced something move across his face as if walking through through cob web but there was no cob web.
When we were on the 3rd floor, Cam saw a figure at the bottom end of the corridor so we decided to venture that way. Once in the room, there were noises all around and the door moved.
We had a little look in the room filled with costumes but couldn't settle and knew the guests were arriving soon. We headed back towards the stairs and all 3 of us heard rustling like bags, there were bags on the floor in the next room.
We headed down the stairs and both Cam and Ged heard a noise from the direction we came which made us stop on the stairs and look at each other.
The guests arrived and after our introduction Ged led them to the room next to base on the ground floor, to carry out the white light protection.
After this we remained in that room and placed a K2 meter on the floor.
We started calling out and were soon communicating with spirit whom we were told through asking questions that he was a Bishop.
Cam saw a black mass block out the 3 ladies to her left, as if walking passed. She also felt her back prodded gently. The guests next to Cam said it felt similar on her back but it was more little a stroke from one side to the next.
Ged continued with the calling out and the responses were so strong.
Chris left us to go live on his own upstairs. When he came back to the group, he witnessed the responses we were getting from the Bishop.
After about 30mins, we moved on to the next room as the responses faded off.
We tried the same tactics with calling out and using the K2 meter but didn't get anything like in the previous room.
We took the guests into another little room which was very musty in smell. There was a large fireplace and we had to walk down 3 or 3 steps to get into the room.
We got a little bit of K2 activity in here but it was very weak. One of the guests reported that the top of their head had been touched.
We left that room after 15 or 20mins and went to the 2nd floor, and into the room to the right at the top of the stairs, which has its own small set of steps which lead into another room.
Still only armed with the K2 device, we placed this on the floor and all stop in a large circle. The K2 was very strong but we debunked this from the floor boxes which had power sockets in them. We moved the K2 to the window sill.
Chris was still on his live so we all worked together split between the 2 joined rooms.
We were calling out and received K2 hits when mentioning a monk.
There was a folded table, leaning against the wall, there were a few guests standing in front of it. We kept hearing noises coming from the table. The guests moved a little further forward so we could work out if it was their shoes touching it. The noises happened again and on the live, a screenshot was taken of this very area of what looks like a child's face, almost doll like.
Chris was stood at the top of the stairs and had a wave of a foul smell which left as quick as it came.
There were a few guests in the adjacent room who were hearing noises as we were calling out in the next.
2 other guests were in another room and Paul kept seeing little lights near the other doorway as if spirit was trying to manifest.
We all joined Paul and the other guest in this room and many also saw these lights. There we no roads outside so it could not have been from a car, there was also no one walking around outside with a torch.
After asking many questions in this room, we concluded we were communicating with a child or children, who were very playful. We promised we would return with a doll and a teddybear for them to play with later in the night.

Chris lone:
Chris had headed upstairs on his Facebook live feed & headed into the room above the arch.... As I Began my live I heard what sounded like some coughing which I immediately ran downstairs to check with the group if anyone had coughed & no one had.... Wandering back upstairs into the room on my own, viewers on live live including our own Clare who at home felt very uneasy about the place & picked up on a woman with the name Catherine, began to pick up on 2 girls with the name isobel & Emily.... Movement behind me & what sounded like a voice/whistle which was picked up by viewers on the live too... Where the 2 little girls playing around?? Or was it the uneasy feeling of Catherine that our own Clare was picking up on?? Chris then rejoined the guest's & team after finishing his live & having a break & we headed to the eve's of the building with one group of 3 ladies staying on the ground floor taking part of an ouija board.... No movement & interaction was to take place on the board so Chris & his group of 3 stood in the dark calling out when all of a sudden something made Chris jump as something had hit him on his arm & also hit the metal chair leg which the 3 ladies heard the "Ting" sound.... This then lead to some gasps as there was a pebble next to the chair... Had spirit thrown a pebble at Chris & hit him?? We will never know but this looked that way with the ladies clearly hearing the noise of the pebble hitting the chair after it hitting Chris..... I began to flick between the guest's upstairs who were with cam & ged and the ladies downstairs & the energy felt very heavy upstairs with the music box responding to questions of the name Catherine along with noises along the corridor.... Our portal app session brought us the word "sex" and the name "Catherine" come through clear as day & heard by everyone & whilst this was going on 2 guest's had ventured down the opposite end of the floor & was feeling like spirit was being very oppressive with him whilst also putting the other guest through so much emotion that she was actually crying... We then headed down to the middle floor where Chris had been subjected to a stone been thrown at him & immediately guest's seeing shadows peering around corners along with definite voices & movement upstairs where we had been.... The team agreed that spirit seemed to work better when groups were small so for the last half an or so split into small teams & spread ourselves across the building and in the Stone room on the ground floor, myself & a guest experience spirit responding with moving a door very slowly with a creak & immediately followed by 3 taps on the door..... So we all then reconvened together for our end talk & guest's all agreed that we had had a brilliant night with spirit & will be definitely returning to this odd but very intriguing building..... GO TEAM BISHOP'S MANOR