Byker Community Centre Friday 17th May 2019


So after our traditional opening white light protection on the 3rd floor we opened up the investigation with the Portal Spirit Box and wow did we get some responses. 2 names of Phil & Jack( this name also came up a few times later on in the night also) along with 3 guests names coming through when we asked the spirit to tell us our names. The date 1921 came up when asked which didn't tie in with building being built(which was 1928) but this could of been residue from the ground before the building was built. When asked if the spirit was connected to the building we had a clear response of " this spot was mine" and when asked if the entity was Male or female the response shocked the group with "I'm female nancy" during this time a guest sensed a small boy on the stage area peering from behind the curtains which then prompted a guest & member of staff to retreat behind the curtain where the little boy had been seen. Once in the vicinity, the guests torch began to be temperamental which it actually turning itself off with the click of the button actually being heard. The curtain moved during this vigil and also sensed the figure peering around the doorway watching us. A ball was placed down on the floor with a toy soldier on top for the spirit to play with but didn't move at the time but later on in the night when we came back to the stage area we realised both had been moved in the opposite direction to one another. During the night whistles, footsteps and also the piano was heard on this 3rd floor by many guests during different times of the night, playing very softly whilst 2 guests promting a response by singing to the spirits.

We then moved to 2nd floor which led to K2 activity & also also the MEL Meter reaching 0.6mg whilst guests where asking out. A stick figure was picked up on the portable SLS camera at the same time a guest then sensed a woman energy with the name Edna coming through strong which was confirmed by staff that a member with this name had worked here. Also the name gladys & Peter was prominent with a guest. At the same time the SLS picked up a further 2 figures whilst the REM on the MEL Meter was showing blue picking up a break in the bubble. At this time, 2 members of the group had visited the basement area with a very overwhelming sense of despair which led the group downstairs to take part in a human pendulum.

Once downstairs in the basement area we connected to a lady during the human pendulum where 2 guests had a feeling of excruciating pain in there stomach, this also followed on from the guest on the middle of the pendulum to become emotional & followed by a feeling of angry ness overwhelming her. We then placed another guest into the middle which led to the spirit playing games & not giving the team definitive answers to our questions. As this was happening the static bear which had been on green all night then changed to the red negative energy charge which prompted the group to end the pendulum. As this was also happening a member of staff & 2 guests were using the SB-11 & had contact with a possible soldier called Steve, they then entered the back stairwell to conduct a calling out session with a few unexplained noises being heard whilst sat in silence & the top of the stairs being very uncomfortable for 1 guest.

Once grouped back together we proceeded with an ouija board session, the group connected with a child who was unable to spell but managed to tell the group they were 8 years old, the spirit also told the board it wanted to connect with a guest and then promoted the planchette to go to the letter V but the guest in question couldnt think of any connection with that letter. We also received U4, NO4 & NO on the board where the participants thought it was trying to say the 4 people around the board that participated in the human pendulum earlier in the night, didn't want them to take part in the ouija board session to which they stood down and the remaining group then had no responses on the board. If you take a look at our video we posted earlier on the page, you can hear a class A EVP saying NO to a guests question being asked. Also as this ouija board session was taking place, clear voices were being heard by guests & when being checked to see if there was any external noise from the outside nothing was found. Also guests who weren't on the board at the time headed to the back stairwell where again groans heard and also a guest sensed a shadowy figure lurking on the corner of the stairs with her own eyes. Both a team member & guest also saw a flash of light in between the stairs & bannister area with there own eyes at the same time as one another.

As the group converged back together they headed back up to the top floor to take part in another Portal Spirit Box session where 2 guest's left the room and we asked the spirits "how many men have left the room" to which astounded response " 2 men" was heard by the group. Shortly after 2 ladies left the room where then a geordie accent was heard through the box saying " 2 out fag" which the 2 ladies had left the area for a cigarette. We also had messages saying " go out tonight" to which guests replied "where" and the response was "out the front door". We also had links to the town Perth in a Scottish accent being heard by all.

All in all in fantastic night with guests being touched, footsteps, voices, whistles & many more unexplained activity. Many thanks to all guests who attended and made Byker Community Centre a amazing location to investigate & cant wait to see you all again soon