Cleveland Ironstone Museum. Saturday 14th December 2020

We began with the white light protection and open up our senses to the spirits and the building. It wasn’t long before a guest saw a dark shadow move across the wall and stand beside a member of the team. We had a couple of whistles on response and K2 activity with a guest picking up on a spirit of a child.
Once our senses were open we all agreed to move downstairs into the Eerie land that still remains.
K2 activity as well as excellent responses on the Mel meter and REM pod were all witnessed. Footsteps were heard as well as voices, shuffling and the sense of someone being stood within the group.
The name Archie was picked up by a guest who felt Archie had such a love for the land and enjoyed returning to see his friend who resides on the land.
Excellent energy and evidence took place for sometime and the group were fantastic.

Down the mine shaft a shadow was seen along with a couple of light sources, a team member and guest had to leave due to feeling sick which once out the area the feeling was removed. A few taps and bangs took place but were unable to tell if it was just the noises of the tunnel or if it was paranormal.

As the night was drawing to a close we soon found ourselves in various parts of the land.
Clear footsteps on response were heard near the ambulance walking towards a group and a little boy looking for his sick uncle was picked up on. This was confirmed with k2 activity.

Guests experienced verbal voices, feeling of being touched by unseen hands, excellent responses on the equipment and even had a sensation of being pushed.

We would like to thank everyone who attended for such great energy to gain some great evidence throughout the night.


TEAM LEADERS: Clare and Chris