Craig-y-No’s Castle Saturday 4th January 2020

GO Team Craig y No’s

The evening started with guests sitting down to enjoy a meal inside this amazing building with so much history. Once belly’s had been filled it was time to begin the investigation.

We began with the white light protection in the theatre and opening our senses to the spirits and our surroundings. It wasn’t long before guests witnessed possible light forms as well as shadows on the stage. The temperature soon began to drop in certain areas of the theatre and a spirit of a little boy was picked up on with the name George by a guest who felt he was a very confused little boy that had a dominant male figure hiding in the shadows stopping George from coming forward. What we learnt about George was that he was approx aged 6 when he passed over. There was another spirit of a lady with the name Samara who had been accustomed with George’s mum.
During the time in the theatre area we heard taps, bangs, possible footsteps, a possible voice and whistles as well as footsteps blocking out light from under the doorway in the lit up corridor....upon quickly checking, nobody was around and the corridor stood quiet and empty.
We decided to head down under the stage of the theatre area which didn’t disappoint!
Knocks and bangs on command, the feeling of being watched and uncomfortable throughout our time here. Temperature fluctuations, sensations of being touched along with many complaining of the same feeling of a heavy throat pressure.
The sweet smell of what we all described as pear drops wafted through the group which had a link to the room.
It wasn’t long before we realised that we were all joined by a dominant male as the dark room fell into even more blackness. Movement on command as well as the feeling of someone getting right into their faces. we all agreed to split for a break and work on re-energising our own energy before heading down to the cellar.

Down in the cellar we all huddled together with a k2 in the room with us and the Mel Meter and light sensor set up alone in another part of the cellar. We used the Spirit box to ask out but had no response during this time. As we asked the spirit to affect the Mel Meter, in response to the question the Mel Meter did in fact begin to set off. This continued and soon enough the battery was drained. We quickly replaced the battery and once again the battery was drained. As we sat in silence we all heard a noise which was described as a whine. With batteries being drained we all agreed to head upstairs to see what awaited for us as we could hear movement coming from upstairs.

As we positioned ourselves in the abandoned parts of the castle it soon had that uneasy feeling. A couple of us reported feeling sick or having what was described as chest pressure. Voices could be heard from a distance but due to external light we couldn’t see if anyone was wondering around the external building. We sat and called out and once again watched the dark rooms fall into even more darkness where shadows were seen as well as feeling like we were sat being watched. Temperature fluctuations soon began along with movement out in the corridor. The corridor gave off a very very uneasy impression.
During a spirit box session spirits were quick to communicate with us and the name John came through quickly. We also had the name James which was joked about both names being the middle name of one of the team members. We asked the spirit to tell us the name of the team member with both these middle names and were all stunned when indeed the name Christopher came through. We asked for his surname but had no clear response.
A few guests were unable to shift the sicky feeling along with some having head or throat pressure which with the night drawing to an end we all decided to retreat back downstairs and head for some well deserved sleep.

Guests headed for their rooms to grab a few hours sleep before ending their adventure with breakfast before setting off home.

Thank you so much to each and every guest for being absolutely amazing and helping make the night such a brilliant one. We look forward to seeing you all again soon. Also Thank you to Tim and Denise for being such wonderful hosts for the evening.


TEAM LEADERS: Clare and Chris