Exclusive; Byker Community Centre 13th September 2019

We began the night on the top floor with our white light protection, which then lead onto the group opening their senses. A few drops in temperature were felt amongst guests. Calling out lead to no responses and it was a very quiet, steady feeling within the room. A couple of guests picked up on a few spirits energy that were watching us but felt they were not ready to communicate with us. We all agreed that we had tried for long enough and decided to move to another area. As this discussion was taking place, a guest was shocked to hear a lady's voice in her ear say Hi! This was then confirmed  by guests near her that they also heard some kind of voice.
Due to a child spirit being picked up, A couple of guests then set up trigger objects behind the stage area, to which by the end of the evening had not been moved sadly.
2 guests during a lone vigil also saw what was described as a ball of light that either could not explain what or where this could have came from. A piano note was also heard by a number of guests.

We proceeded to the basement area which everyone agreed had a very strange, stuffy, unease feeling about the room. Some guests described unable to breathe properly or the feeling of anxiety. This area certainly felt like we were not alone.
We began to call out and guests began to feel a presence in the corner of the room. We decided to try some Spirit box session to see if we could connect with this presence. Instantly, a spirit came through and 3 times when asked to repeat, the name Clare came through, this was interesting as last night we had 3 Clare's in the room at the same time. We asked the spirit to tell us where we were and what it was used for...he confirmed by saying Morgue. When asked who this spirit was we were communicating with, a male voice said 'Steve'. He was a solider in WW2 who was killed during the War and he was here due to his body being housed at the location when it was a morgue. He also told us he was 32 when he lost his life with a head injury. We asked if he had suffered with a head injury due to a guest having to leave the space suffering from a pain in her head. It was during the time of a Live feed that 2 previous guests who had attended our last Byker event informed us that Steve was communicated with last time, this is great evidence to hear the same person come forward again during our investigation.
Steve soon lost connection with us and the spirit box became very quiet.

During a lone vigil in the morgue area, 2 guests captured 2 figures on the SLS Camera who upon questions had responsive tapping in the area.

After a quick break to recharge our energy, we began to call out on the middle floor area. This again seemed very quiet and although the SLS Camera picked up 2 figures we were able to debunk this as mapping out 2 large boards in the room.
2 guests at the same time saw a break in our laser grid where a dark shadow was seen, we then used the SLS Camera along this area and a spirit was picked up which gave responsive movements to questions asked which communication broke and the area remained quiet.
2 guests conducted a lone vigil in this area and a shadow was seen, along with a figure that had shown itself in what was described as a white dress. The white dress figure at this time was also captured by a watcher on a live feed who kindly sent the picture to the page of what they had seen.

A group gathered in the stairwell and conducted an EVP session, everything again was quiet and calm and a drop in temperature was confirmed. Upon listening back to the EVP session a clear EVP was caught...The question asked was 'Do you love this building?'and a reply 'Yes'.

A Live feed in the morgue brought a member of staff to conduct a lone vigil. This brought viewers at home along with the member of staff hear a clear manly voice along with footsteps and a dragging noise with movement heard within the room.
Guests soon joined up, in the morgue area where the live feed was still going,and a figure on the SLS gave responsive movements on request.

We ended the evening with a human pendulum on the top floor where a gentle spirit came through but answers were vague.
Although a very calm, quiet night (which we do get) guests still experienced something they couldnt explain. And some very good responses from the SLS camera and Spirit box sessions. Thank you to all those who attended the evening for your energy and commitment.

Go Team Byker!!

TEAM LEADERS: Clare, Chris and Tall Claire