EXCLUSIVE Kiplin Hall, Friday 25th June 2021


Chris and Tim’s group


After doing our white light protection with the whole group, socially distanced of course, our group of 6 & group of 3 headed down to the eerie servants corridors & bedrooms were we began a call out session with only the k2 as equipment to guide us as we opened up our senses. Straight away activity started to begin, taps on response to questions, smells of burning wood which the team had also picked up on the walk around before guests arrived along with movement of a tennis racquet was witnessed by a guest. As the taps continued a guest then had to leave the area due to an heavy impression on her chest which could of been potentially a gentleman which another guest had picked up on with the name of walter(which was confirmed by our curator James later on in the evening as part of the family that lived in Kiplin Hall) and his feelings of tingly sensations in his left arm.... Could this been both sensations impressed on our guest's which was potentially a heart attack?? This gentleman Walter told us he liked to be alone but was intrigued by us being here with taps on response to our questions which was astounding. The larger group of 6 headed into an adjoining bedroom which led to children being felt but not aloud in the room and low & behold a curtain moving on response which was hanging from the 4 poster bed.... The group then looked for any draughts in the room & couldn't find any that could make this curtain move which wad amazing especially with it moving on response.... Whilst this was happening the smaller group was still communicating with the gentleman Walter in the adjacent room but there responses from him seemed to be waning as his energy was dropping.... The larger group moved from the bedroom as the energy dropped completely after the moving of the curtain and into the servants corridor which led to a loud bang heard only by the smaller group who were still talking to the spirit of Walter.... Don't beleive there was any k2 spikes at all during this time on the middle floor that we reported


After a quick break to recharge our batteries & some of our lucky guests munching on there LVI sweet share boxes to boost there energy, we then proceeded into the beautiful ground floor.... We all got comfortable on the floor & available seats & proceeded to call out in the absolute darkness as you couldn't see your hands in front of your face and after gaining the energy from spirit the REM pod went off proceeding our questions.... We weren't sure if it was children responding or potentially squaddies that used this building as a base back in world war II.... One guest had an experience of his arms being pulled away from him as he was leant of the floor and this was from the question about a gentleman who was picked up on by the desk at the bottom of the room who dealt with the finances of the building. A strange taps of responses were being picked up on which sounded like a key fob and flickers of light also but what astounded us was the clear as day running of footsteps in the above floors & a quick walkie talkie up to cam & the other group confirmed they were all still on the top floor in the long gallery.... The group moved into the adjacent rooms, splitting up into there groups and dragging sounds were being heard along with tapping of responses but also a guest's could lick up on a dark shadow stood in the door way which was confirmed by a team member who was sat in between the 2 groups and could see this shadow moving from side to side as it blocked out the shards of light showing through the wooden window cupboards. This then was confirmed by another guest who came over to the team members spot and could see the same thing and as this was happening a loud bang was heard in the room with the ladies which then to the surprise of us all, fits & bursts of laughter from 2 ladies.... Was this the impression of spirit that was making the ladies laugh & giggle so much...


As the night was ending, we as a full group headed to the long gallery all together as there was ample space for social distancing and gave the last half an hour a go all together to gain more energy. A few taps and shadows were seen along with possible gutteral groan but the energy had drained and spirit seemed to have taken a step back and had gone quiet.

Cam’s group:

We started the night with our white light protection in the long room at the top of the building. Those who didn't want to do this left the room.
We then separated into our groups.
I took my group to the bottom floor.
We started in the middle room, the one which has the desk in it and large mirror. I placed a K2 on the desk and explained to the group how we were going to use our bodies first, before other equipment.
We started calling out and 2 of the guests were watching the reflection of the K2 of the desk in the large mirror. They could see the green light blank put but we didn't receive any response.
After about 20mins, we moved to the room with the chopping block. Immediately all the guests noticed how very different this room felt compared to the previous room.
We started calling out again and I referenced the block of wood in the room. We all heard a growl from within the room.
As we continued we then heard 2 loud noises come from the furniture where there was a clock. The clock chimed every 15 minutes but the noise wasn't from the clock. We then noticed that one of handles on the furniture was turned the other way. We hadn't touched this as everything in the home very old and we were asked not to touch anything. I checked my photographs but didn't have that particular handle in shot.
I brought a ouija board and 2 of our guests started working with this.
3 of our guests had their own dowsing rods so they were working with those. Another guest was watching and asking the questions.
We weren't getting activity on the ouija board but spirit indicated through the dowsing rods that they did not like the board.
I asked the 2 girls using the board to take it next door to see if they got anything and we continued with the rods.
The rods were so active and spinning at one point.
The door was open so I could keep an eye on the girls in the next room. As we were calling out the door illuminated so brightly and then went very dark, we all saw this. We checked to make sure it wasn't caused by the next room, their torch was on all the way through and wasn't powerful even to do what we saw.
I closed their door to rule this out and we asked again for this to happen. It happened again.
Where Kiplin Hall is located there was no chance this was from a car outside.
The girls didn't get anything on the board so I closed it down and cleaned it ready to be used again by others.
We went into the 3rd room and placed the rempod in the doorway. We got temperature changes and heard a couple of noises which we ruled out were not from the clocks.
We went for a break and to recharge. What happened next blew my mind.
After our break, I took my group to the top floor of the house. En route, I placed an evp recorder and music box on the landing of the middle floor.
On the top floor, we went in to one of the rooms and one of our guests, Vicky tried mirror scrying. This was Vickys 1st ever investigation but she did work at the most haunted museum in the UK so is aware of events.
Vicky said she could see a face starting to merge in and out of her face. It was a man. She said he looked very stern. He had big eyes and what looked like a moustache. I said to keep his image so we could check the portraits around the house.
Another guest, Julie, tried the mirror but sadly nothing came through.
Then another guest Catherine tried and saw what she thought was a male face but only on the right side of her face.
We moved to the large long room, where I had a laser grid set up. We could hear shuffling, we were all sat on the floor. Then the laser grid changed as if turned so the dots changed then dimmed.
We had the door open to the stairs so that we could hear the music box if it did go off.
We moved onto those stairs to sit, listen and call out and that's where it happened.
As we were calling out we were receiving an audible male response, it was coming from Vickys throat. We continued asking and it continued happening. Vicky kept apologising but said it felt like an acid reflux but there was no build up and this was happening at every question asked.
We asked if he was the only spirit and we all heard the word No. She said she couldn't control what was happening and started to feel a bit uncomfortable and asked if she could go in to the equipment setup room. I've never witnessed spirit use another person as a conduit in this way before. Actual voice phenomenon through a person. Wow.
Vicky rejoined us and we moved into the bedrooms. The voice phenomenon never happened again. We called put and could hear movement from the door way. I saw something move in the doorway from left to right but didn't mention anything, just that I'd seen something. Another guest saw exactly the same thing I did and repeated it.
We moved to the servants corridor and spread out from one end to the other, stood with our backs against the wall. We were calling out and there was movement at the far end where guests Angie and Catherine were.
We asked questions around their role in the house and a few guests got a fright when they felt movement and that they had been touched. Then the area around us lit up in green, again we all saw it. No one had a green light.
We regrouped with Chris and Tim's team at the very top of the house in the large long room.

All in all an absolute brilliant night in such an beautiful location & spirit definitely seems to be gaining our trust.... Everyone's energy was brilliant & we thank our guest's for there brilliant participation