Exclusive; Ragworth Neighbourhood Centre 14th September 2019

We began the night in the Main Hall area with our white light protection which then lead to calling out to the spirits that reside at this location. Although we had no responses with movement and all was quiet, a number of guests witnessed shadows being seen in the large mirror along the back wall. We tried to work out various reasons for this but were unable to come up with any answers.
As we sat calling out, a couple of guests at different times/areas explained seeing the same light form object with their own eyes. Once again where this light had come from was something we could not work out.
A guest came up with a male spirit that made his presence known to him, he felt this male spirit had suffered with some kind of injury to his left hip and could picture the spirit walking with a limp. The guest in question came up with the name Archie, which later on in the evening was good evidence. The guest began feeling discomfort in his right hip which followed on to his leg. He felt a cold sensation around his right side and we were able to note temperature fluctuations around him. At the same time another guest began to suffer with feelings around her right leg.
We began calling out again and the area was very still as before. The right side of investigators were still being affected and this then followed with a team member having a sensation on his right foot which cased some slight pain. A guest then pictured Archie in a cockpit of a possible Spirtfire and was based in Thornaby.
Although this was all being picked up on, the Sports Hall was very quiet and no responses to questions that were being asked along with no movement of any kind, we decided to move in to a new area. As we were about to leave the area, a guest felt a sensation on her hair, when asked to repeat this there was no response.

As we arrived to the next area, movement down the corridor was heard along with banging on the doors. This was soon explained to be the wind outside making the doors bang. A smell of soap was picked up on but were unsure where this was coming from. Again,all was quiet and no responses to questions being asked, but one guest picked up on the feeling of a little girl after what he described as a childs giggle, who he thought she was very shy and was not connected to the building but was connected to the land, again this came to be some good evidence later on in the night.

Moving on to another area of the location, we came across our SLS Camera that had been placed in a particular area of the building due to sightings that have been seen. This had been running for a few hours and had not picked up anything so walking past and seeing a figure mapped out in the exact area of the sightings was astounding. The Mel meter with built in REM was placed next to where the SLS figure was. To our amazement, we had extremely good strong connection within the REM with the field being broken constantly.
We used our SB11 to try to work out a name of the spirit that was mapping out and affecting the REM, our trailist for the evening came up with the name Paul, when asked to confirm if there was a spirit named Paul with us, the answer on the SB11 came through as yes. We tried to communicate further but no responses. What really amazed us is that during this time, a spirit came forward on the SB11 who called himself Archie....Archie was picked up on a the start of the evening by a guest. We asked the spirit to confirm his name again, and once again the name Archie came through. This was brilliant. The figure on the SLS camera soon disappeared and what really amazed us all was the activity on the Mel meters REM came to a halt at the same time along with the SB11 going quiet.

We continued to move further down to the corridor where earlier 3 ladies possibly heard a ladys voice. They were unable to confirm that is was external noise. Once we all settled, we began to call out and could hear movement behind a locked door. We also heard a vocal sound behind this door also. We couldnt class this as paranormal or not, due to not being able to investigate and rule out any contamination.
A guest had our portable SLS Camera who had mapped out a figure that responded to questions asked. The figure was asked to touch a guest on their head and it followed instructions. Another figure was also mapped out on the other side of the room but were unable to get any responses from this. It was decided by a few guests to try some table tipping in this area. Guests had very slight movement from this session and decided to try it in the main sports hall.

Once in the sports hall, guests took part in glass work where they came in contact with a spirit of a girl. She confirmed her name to be Edith who was 5 years old. She was unaware she had passed away and was looking for her parents. She passed away the same way her parents did...with TB. She wasnt connected to the building but to the land and was around the year of 1868. Her father worked on the land and she lived with her brother and 4 sisters. This once again was great information that a guest had picked up on earlier in the evening with the child spirit not being connected to the building but to the land.

All in all we came away with some amazing evidence during our investigation at our Exclusive loction, Ragworth Neighbourhood Centre. We would like to thank all our guests for their great energy, dedication and hard work throughout the night.

Go Team Ragworth!!

TEAM LEADERS: Clare and Chris