Exclusive: Ragworth Neighbourhood Centre 22nd June 2019


So it was Lone Vigils first trip up to Ragworth Neighbourhood Centre and we love to investigate a blank canvas for our guest's.

After a bit of banter in our base room & the white light protection was done we began our evening. Due to the vast size of the building & the warren of corridors we had a wander around the building to familiarise ourselves with the layout to find any hotspots that our guests where picking up or felt any uneasy feelings. Activity began with a noise being heard on the shutter whilst 1 guest was alone calling out. He did debunk this earlier as people walked around but at the time of this happening there was absolute no one around to make this noise. K2 activity happened as we left the base room along with a feeling of children being picked up on in the adjacent room. We also caught on our IR video camera whilst calling out with 1 guest, 2 very strange light anomalie's which 1 rose up the screen then the other come across the screen towards the guest but seemed to fade as it got closer to him. Guests headed to the sports hall and upon a human pendulum being started, they had a presence come through as a man who was linked to the building. Table tipping sessions throughout the night had strong movements but also at times also throughout the night had no movements. Spirit box sessions picked up a few names which could of been LANCE or VINCE aswell as name calling which put the group on there guard. A feeling of possible to do with a pilot had been picked up and whilst watching the stationary SLS camera which was positioned in the main corridor all night, nothing was picked up but we do need to check our video camera as at 1 point we had it recording this for a little while. The equipment that we used whether it be REM pod, MEL meter or the K2 meter had no spikes or fluctuations apart from the odd spike on the K2 which we all agreed could of been electrical interference a possibility. Various trigger objects had been left for spirit interaction but to no avail, hadn't been moved but upon a live feed we did pick up a peice of paper had been drawn on with different colours, team members cant confirm this was a new unused piece of paper but the guest who set this up was 100% sure it was a clean peice of paper when she placed it down. Whistles & voices were confirmed at different part of the buildings by different people throughout the night and also 2 guests mentioned they saw a manifestation of a figure.

With guests experiencing touch, sense of unease, temperature fluctuations, hearing movement, shadows seen and children sensed throughout the night, this was a throughlly enjoyable evening with the location throwing out many more questions than answers due to the stories we found out that we hadn't been told about before we started this investigation. Thankyou for all attendees for bringing great positive energy throughout the night and we look forward to seeing you all again soon.