Exclusive: Stillington Village Hall Friday 3rd May 2019

So here it is..........

ACTIVITY REPORT Stillington Village Hall Friday 3rd May

So it was a blank canvas at our EXCLUSIVE location Stillington Village Hall and our guest's started the night with our introduction & white light protection in the back room. As we finished this, the group where joined by our birthday boy who was running late and the group concluded in a circle asking out questions as the K2 meter was pulsing its lights. A name Raymond was picked up aswell as a little girl called Janice. A guest then began to get a feeling of chest constriction, this was joined by the MEL meter activity. The chest feelings were possibly linked to a miner who resided in the area. As quick as the activity appeared it then dispersed without a trace as we then moved on into the main hall. Whilst a brave guest stayed in this room for a lone vigil, the remaining guest's & team then called out in the main hall. We had a clear verbal response heard by all which was investigated by a team member who found no one outside the property who could of made the noise. A guest then ventured into the back toilet areas due to pulled there & found the uncomfortable feeling of a possible death which led to later on in the same area, a feeling of strangulation on the same guest. A team member during this vigil then went to check on the brave guest who was alone in the back room and when in this area during our Facebook live feed a hula hoop was moved towards the brave guest who then in response had to move away from that particular space. Also during this a movement was heard whilst in the pitch blackness aswell as the guest seeing a strange white mist hovering in the middle of the room. This was also picked up on the live feed.

We then all joined back up into the main hall & gathered around asking questions to try and uncover the truth behind the little girl & a possible gentleman. As we asked out again there was verbal responses & many guests got the feeling of chills running through there bodies. Guests also then began to see movement behind themselves towards the back room which led to 2 customers and a team member trying a table tipping session. This session began with such intensity as the table moved on it's own accord and the K2 meter going wild. As this was happening the strangulation feeling to a guest happened and he joined us in the back room as he wanted to leave that particular area so the team member then joined the rest of the guests in the main hall and as this happened a MEL meter began to go off in the area where the strangulation took place. A brave guest then happily agreed to venture into this area where the MEL activity was taking place, he managed 5 minutes in there as he felt very uncomfortable. Everyone then ended up in this space due to MEL activity and guests had responsive questions with the MEL meter. After a quiet period in this space a guest then asked the spirit to grab the aerial and to some astonishing gasps the request then lit up the MEL to the red lights and went crazy.

A human pendulum then took place and some of the story began to take shape. A question was asked if the spirit was linked to the church down the road & the story ended up unfolding that a priest used this location. Also 2 other spirits where with the priest, the little girl named Janice who we had earlier and his father who was a teacher who only taught boys. A ouija board was then opened up properly for guests to use but to no avail in the toilet area so we moved back into the main hall where our static camera turned its self off then back on then again back off. This was done as the ouija board was being opened by a team member and at the same time also the trigger bear changing from its positive glow to its negative glow. Due to the fact that the trigger bear had been on a green positive all night then changing immediately to a red negative energy, guest's then decided not to go ahead with the ouija board session and a team member closed it down immediately to the guest's relief.

We all after coffee break to recharge our batteries(pardon the pun