Haunted Museum Hull Saturday 18th January 2020

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We began the night with a walk around of the museum to catch our bearings of this amazing building and use our senses to see if any particular area we were drawn to. The walk around ended in the large stable block where we stood in darkness and began our white light protection for those that wished to take part.
All guests who joined us were avid investigators some guests began instantly with their lone vigils going off to the areas they were drawn too. The rest of the guests stayed as a group and soon found ourselves stood around a coffin.
A guest placed a K2 on top and began to call out. During this time we did hear a few taps and bangs but due to external noise we couldn’t say whether it was spirit and found ourselves ruling out any noises. We did manage to have activity on the K2 a couple of times on response.
We decided to move onto another area that a guest had felt drawn too which was made up in the form of a bedroom. As we approached the room, we met up with a couple of guests already in this area and learnt of an experience that had happened to one particular Lady...as she laid on the bed and called of for a spirit to make themselves known, she soon began to feel its presence around her. She began to feel her shoulders become heavy as if she was being held down, this followed with a very sharp feeling in her side, as if something sharp had torn through her. We kept this information quiet from everyone at the time as we wanted to see if this same thing could be captured again by another guest.
While 2 were laid on the bed, one began to feel as if he had a pillow being placed over his face. He explained the feeling of being held down and a sense of being suffocated. We asked both parties on the bed to swap sides to see if the sensations were down to a particular side of the bed but nothing came to the guest during his time. A lady then tried to lie on the bed and said she felt cold but unable to experience anything.
Guests soon noticed crosses hanging from the ceiling that were spinning, when asked to change direction it did. We were able to debunk this movement and have it confirmed due to the way the crosses were tied they do indeed swing half circles.
Guests managed to pick up a couple of figures on the SLS camera through the night and heard her name called.
After a quick break to recharge our own energy we ventured to the voodoo area. We set up a laser pen which drained and the Mel meter which had no activity on one side of the room. On the other side we had a static doll which on response the built in k2 soon began to light up. We also had possible movement. During a spirit box session the name Julie came through along with a great response from a question asked how many of us are here now with the number 8 coming through...there was 8 of us in this area at the time.
With some great K2 responses we turned down the spirit box to silent and decided to continue our call out using the K2. The next part became a wow moment for us all to witness. With such good K2 activity a guest asked the spirit if it was possible to do something else. With that an instant response left us gobsmacked as the volume on the portal box began to rise louder and louder followed by the sensor light setting off. This was captured during our Facebook live. Upon checking the portal box what was even more shocking was the fact that this was still turned onto silent. The activity continued with the K2 on response and the sensor light turning on and off on response.
As the night was drawing closer to an end we headed over to the large stable block and began to call out. At this time we placed a sceptic if the group in one particular area to see if he could see, sense or feel anything.
Once again in response the K2 meter had a few fluctuations. We continued to ask out and although seemed quiet we were amazed when the sceptic sat quietly came out with the question, is there a spirit with us now that was hanged? It was also at this point the sceptic also saw a shadow move across the area he was sat in. This for us is fantastic, not only because it is a sceptic that experienced it, but also finding out at the end of the night there was indeed a hanging that happened in the exact area...well done for picking up on that!!!
As we started making our way back through the museum to end the night we done one last call out where we did hear what we can describe as a couple of footsteps and something being dragged.
The building fell quiet and we ventured back to end the investigation.

This location was absolutely incredible with all its amazing artefacts along with the history of the building and the land. We are looking forward to returning to this location in the future to hopefully piece a story together.
We would like to say a huge thank you to Ralph, Becky and Hannah for being amazing hosts and letting us into this amazing location.

Massive thank you to all our guests who attended the evening for giving so much fantastic energy and helping make the night as enjoyable as it was. Well done for playing a part to capture some brilliant unexplainable happenings. We look forward to seeing you all again in the future.


TEAM LEADERS: Clare and Chris