Jedburgh Castle Jail 17th August 2019


So we began our night at the infamous Jedburgh Castle Jail with the group taking part in our white light protection upstairs in the Female wing & everyone taking part in the okey cokey falling for chris's old trick. Whilst we were taking part in this, once we had finished a few of our guest's thought they had heard a gutteral groan downstairs in the basement of the wing. Upon reviewing this we couldnt determine whether it had been outside contamination or not. Also during the protection a guest had felt a presence had come very close & responded telling the spirit to back away as she felt very uncomfortable with the spirit coming so close to her. As we all then spaced out into different cells in this block we began a calling out session and a few members of the group thought they had heard a whistle but again couldnt determine whether this had come from outside contamination or not. As we continued a team member & guest then heard with there own ears right next to each other another deep moan to which we then split up with some of the group heading into the basement of this cell block and the remaining staying upstairs. The group downstairs once settled and quiet thought they could feel a drop in temperature in a certain part of the corridor and within upon checking the windows or fireplace for draughts couldnt explain where it was coming from. As a few more guests come to check this out, 2 of the ladies felt the draught move to around there legs when asked if they could affect someone. We checked with the temperature gun and there was no actual drop in temperature around the guests in question but everyone could feel the difference around them with there own hands.

We all then decided to venture to the next wing which was on the opposite side of the castle. We all then proceeded to settle in various locations of the wing. As we called out movement was heard in one of the cells in which 1 of the guests was sat in and as she was drawn to the corner of the cell a white flash was seen next to her by a team member in which was followed by a cold draught felt around her. The group then joined in the cell to which 1 member then thought they could smell a prominent smell of what could only be described as ' stale beer ' we then proceeded with a portal session to which 2 names came forward with a female name of Olivia & a male name of possibly Ethan though we couldn't be 100% sure of the male name. Temperature drops were felt and the name Olivia seemed to be more prominent in asking questions with the spirit saying they had died in the cell & they weren't guilty of the crime they had spent time in the Jail for. We also had a few spikes on our K2 meter to responsive questions to which we all couldn't explain due to there being no electric in any of the cells.

Well all then couldn't wait to enter the Male cell block as the story had been told to our guest's regarding this cell block not been open to the public during the day due to a negative energy and activity actually happening to the public during the day. So it was now pitch black and we all headed up the stone staircase to the top level to which we began calling out to the spirits and we had some very strange things happen to our MEL METER as it was showing that the battery had been drained and stopped working when the MEL had been given a fresh battery that day, this was very strange as before this Chris had tried to do his Lone Vigil and his live feed wouldnt work and this ties in with the MEL METER not working as Clare had went out the cell to try a new battery it began to work as normal. She then returned into the cell block with the guests & yet again the battery went once she had returned into the cell block. We then all heard on response when asked if the spirits could throw somethings a sound to which only could be described as a small stone landing on metal. Chris then decided to do abit of role play and after the laughter & giggles of the group proceeded to be shut in the cells by the jailer played by one of the guest and as we all sat in silence in our cells we heard a door move to which no one had moved. This then prompted a guest to feel like she was being pushed in her cell & also another guest get a feeling like he had some form of strangulation feeling around his neck. This cell began to feel a little dark & ominous so we took the decision to remove ourselves from the cell & try a human pendulum up in the museum part of the Castle.

After a well earnt break to recharge all our batteries we ventured up into the castle museum's top floor and took part in a human pendulum which brought some interesting finds. Our 1st participant was placed into the middle choosing by the spirit and we made contact with a female spirit called annie(which we picked up in one of the other cells earlier on in the evening) which we proceeded to find out she had committed to a crime which which she didn't want to respond too and was found very remorseful to this. As this was happening a gentlemen in the group had to leave the group due to him feeling unwell. Another guest then tried in the middle as she was unsure of the activity that we were doing and again the movement was very remorseful of this time a male spirit to which the participant didn't actually feel like she was moving but guests could clearly see slight movement of her upper body backwards & forwards to responses to the questions being asked. Once again another guest felt very overwhelmed and had to leave the room.

The time was flying by and as we headed into our last half an hour of the evening we headed back into the Male Cells which had given so much activity earlier in the night, we tried calling out and even the ouija board was used but all the energy had seemed to have gone and even a venture over to the Female & childs wing by a small group of us brought us nothing so we then got together and wrapped up for the evening.

All in all this seemed to be a active night for all guest's and everyone came away with something that they couldnt explain and this is what we look for. A massive thankyou for everyone who attended the infamous Jedburgh Castle Jail with us and great energy & enthusiasm brought throughout the night so a massive thankyou 

GO TEAM JEDBURGH CASTLE JAIL & we cant wait to return here again in December for our Friday...... yes Friday 13th 12hr lockdown event

TEAM LEADERS: Clare and Chris