Little Theatre Gateshead 6th July 2019

ACTIVITY REPORT Little Theatre Gateshead Saturday 6th July

So after our group walk around to get our bearings & our white light protection, we started off in the Theatre & stalls area due to this area being starved of the summer daylight outside. We made a conscious decision on the night to try & use our human senses whilst calling out to the spirits, this was to try & connect us all with whatever resided in this tardis of a building. So getting comfortable on the stage area & couple of brave guests sitting on there own in the auditorium we began calling out & immediately activity started to prevail. Faint footsteps where heard, shadows were seen along with movement up by the entrance doors to the auditorium, we had K2 activity on response which was the only peice of equipment along with the temperature gun we had in with the group. A member of the group who was sat on the front of the stage with his legs hanging over the edge if the stage felt a sensation of being kicked by an unseen presence. With many of the guests feeling a temperature drop surrounding them, the temperature gun validating this sensation. Majority of the group then headed down into the understage pass whilst 3 members stayed on the stage and whilst 1 member had gone off on his own to investigate came back with a feeling of being upset. The groups downstairs tried calling out and split up to either ends of the pass with scrying technique used with a guest's face actually changing into what can only be described as an old lady with wrinkles & grey hair with the other guest's actually seeing this happen right in front of there eyes. K2 activity & a actually feeling of being touched happened in the other group with movement also happening around them but what was the most interesting find and we had this happen later on in the nights activities was hearing footsteps up above on the stage area and when a member of the team went to ask if the 3 people who were still upstairs has been walking around the answer was an astounding NO. With a feeling of being watched & major temperature fluctuations being recorded this was 1 dark ominous area that the group really enjoyed investigating.

We all then moved up to the changing rooms and all felt calm by guests with no responses on our SB-7 spirit box so we all then decided to move to the old kitchen area of the adjoining house. All settled and the Portal Spirit Box being introduced we began asking questions and some names came through which a guest had picked up on, tom/tommy/thomas & also maddie which a team member was picking up on to which we found out at the end of the night was the name of 1 of the 3 sisters that had founded the theatre. Another response on there was BOMB & RAF which linked to the building itself due to a bomb being dropped in the adjacent saltwell park in World War II and also this building being used by the RAF during the war to house the brigade. This had also being picked up by a member of the group who earlier on the stage area mentioned to the staff member of the theatre Jen that he felt that windows had been shattered and a loud bang like a bomb going off. All the group heard movement in the corridor next to us with also a guest actually feeling a nip on his skin to his amazement. We also then noticed whilst the Portal session being done the EMF on the Mel Meter was fluctuating but upon checking the reading we noticed that the brand new battery that had been put in that day had been drained so this could of been why the readings where being given, but the fact that brand new batteries had been drained was very strange. This also was a theme for the night as throughout the night we had many of the equipment's batteries dying or drained to there lowest level to which we couldnt explain due to all our equipment being given brand new batteries that day.

Also whilst on a break 1 guest then came back with a amazed expression of concern as he noticed a big bulldog clip that was being used to hold the covers on the seats had fell to the floor. Members of the team couldnt confirm whether they had seen it but the guest had been in that area whilst the Vigils where taking place & he confirmed that he had not seen it on the floor.

Some of the guests then ventured off on there to investigate in different areas whilst the rest of the group then returned to the stage area with the Portable SLS Camera bring used which picked up a figure next to someone sat in one of the seats in the auditorium. Again sending 1 of our brave guest's down to the understage pass on his own with just a voice recorder to keep him company and upon a member of the team checking he was ok, he had again mentioned that movement & footsteps where being heard & whilst the team member was down there with the guest kept hearing it and countless times ran up to the group upstairs to check and no one at all was moving which was astounding and just couldnt be explained.

Overall a brilliant night and what a location this was for our guest's and we will be returning in the future. A big massive thankyou for all attendees for giving there all during the investigation and making it such a great group to work with. Nice to finally put a face to a few of our guests who had been booked on for a while and some returning guest's who we had met on our previous Investigations.

Also a big thankyou to jen for her hospitality throughout the night and also clarifying certain history about the building that we had picked up on throughout the night.