Manor House Hotel 12hr Lockdown Friday 13th March


We started the night with the white light protection in room 6.
Upon entering the room, there was a small glass on the floor in front of the drawers. Earlier in the night, cam had already checked all of the rooms and nothing was out of place. We did hear a bang when we were setting the equipment up in base, could this have been the glass, room 6 is directly above base.
We decided to them proceed with a call out and the door swung towards one of the guests, as if to say I don't want you here. We continued to monitor the door and it did move again on request.
We then heard tapping noises which we soon worked out to be from the small metal bin. Imagine tapping your nails on it, that was the sound.
The guests joined in with the call-out and we experienced temperature fluctuations in the room.
After about 45 mins, David went live and I took the guests to room 7 but it was very still so we moved to room 8.
Room 8 proved to be a treat with mirror scrying. David had joined us and attempted some scrying while live. We all saw 2 different faces come through, one of them had quite a bulbous nose and took his time at looking at each of us in the room. Another guest also had a try and even placed a cigarette on the drawers as a gift.
We went for a quick break, and I asked the guests to pick a number. They picked room 3. I took the guests to room 3 whilst David and another guest took a table and the ouija board to room 6. As they were in room 6 looking at the door, the table slid down the wall and landed on the floor. Strange.
We carried out an sb7 session in room 3 but nothing came through but we did have K2 activity only when a particular guest held it. The guests phone was off and he had nothing on him which could cause it to go off. After various questions, we discovered we were communicating with a small child.
We moved back to room 6, eager to stir up more activity by carrying out a session on the board.
One of the guests received a personal message from 2 loved ones but also a warning that we were not alone in the room and that harm was intended. Nothing happened.
We headed to the bar area. I placed the rempod on the table where reports of an elderly man sits. We rearranged the bar stools also as we were told spirits don't like disruption. The call-out was very quiet and the board activity was quite weak. Peoples energy levels were low by this point. A few guests went off to investigate rooms with equipment on their own.
All in all a great night with great guests, and bundles of energy and laughs. We look forward to seeing you again soon