Manor House Hotel Lockdown Friday 29th November 2019

We started the night with a white light protection huddle in room 6. We opened up the night in this room and very early on a guest felt a sensation of something standing behind her in the door way to a smaller room.
She braved sitting in this room away from the group. A young child quickly made himself know to her by standing on the bed and touching her clothing. This same child made himself known to the poor occupant sleeping in this room later in the night.
The activity continued in both of these rooms for over an hour with cold spots, shadows, K2 spikes, people being touched and children's faint voices being heard.

Room 8 was the next room to entertain us. We had intelligent K2 responses, sounds of bells chiming (no chiming bells anywhere inside or out), again cold spots and someone's shoe lace was undone. We picked upon a gentleman who passed with a chest issue and when offered a cigarette, K2 responses where seen. Guests enjoyed scrying and the gentleman spirit could be seen in the reflection in the mirror. The door began to move independently however just as we were all focusing intently on the door Chris walked in to the room, every guest (and staff) screamed and jumped at least a foot in to the air!!

During a short break guest's were introduced to the dowsing rods, the name of the child from room 6 was confirmed and the monk who frequents the building came through in the communication. Simultaneously we had communication with children in the main area of the pub, whereby Christmas decorations were moving on command and in response to questions.

Orbs and a shadow was seen on the cctv however on closer inspection spider webs make for fantastic fake ghosts!
We had a fantastic episode of table tipping as seen on live Facebook feed and following this we used the glass on a yes/no table. Again child spirits came through clearly.

We had a wonderful night at The Manor House with Gareth as a fantastic host. The night was filled with energy and at times rather spooky, causing some gusets to check under beds and sleeping with the lights on

TEAM LEADERS: Tall Claire and Cam