Mary Queen of Scots House Friday 15th November

MQSH activity report. 
We began with the white light protection and open up our senses and calling out to the spirits. We always say to anyone attending our events not to expect it to be like what you see on the TV shows as energy takes time to build for activity (if any at all) but boy was this place crying out for attention.
A guest soon picked up on the name Elizabeth where in response the k2 began to spike to answer related questions. Very soon the temperature began to drop very quickly and this was followed by a guest being shocked by the feeling of her hair being played with by unseen hands.
We were quickly experiencing movement, taps, bangs, shuffling/dragging noises as well as voices (which were unable to debunk as external voices).
A guest began to feel as if they were choking and found it hard to breathe which soon passed once out the area. Another guest had issues with his leg which clarified he had never experienced before while another guest felt as if he was burning, even while the temperature still continued to drop. He left the room and very soon another guest felt this burning sensation. A possible fire connected to the building was picked up in which we soon began to uncover that the large fireplace in the room had a story to be told of a possible accident of someone falling into the fireplace. This was then followed by a guest who was stood by the fire feeling as if she has been pushed backwards into it. When the question was asked we all heard a verbal whisper of ‘No, Oh Yes’. Was this the voice of the spirit confirming our question along with pushing the lady back to confirm she or someone once had been pushed into the fire?
With so much happening from the start, the room soon began to feel still and we decided to move on.
The next level was slightly less active than what we had all just experienced. A boy called James had been picked up on and this was followed by a possible groan. A sensor light had been triggered and as a guest went to see if anyone was there was really surprised as he was forcefully pushed backwards and fell to the ground.
We tried some table tipping where a guest soon realised she had made contact with a spirit who follows her of a spirit believing to have once been her husband in a past life. She asked for him to step away and after this nothing really happened. A guest felt as if they had been touched on the back but the room remained quiet. We tried a spirit box session where the name Anthony who was 3 came through but other than that nothing else. We then realised that the REM in the next room had been triggered so we ventured into there to see what we could uncover. The SLS Camera picked up a small figure next to the REM POD and to our amazement the responses were outstanding!! We asked the spirit to try to pull off a team members hat to which you could see the SLS figure trying, even showed the figure climbing onto the team members back to pull off the hat with more energy. The figure was asked to give the team member a kiss and again the figure jumped down and could be seen leaning in cheek level as if the figure was kissing. The figure was asked to move around the group and were amazed again to see the figure move around a few members of the group. As well as the REM going off we also asked to go towards the K2 teddy bear where you could see the k2 light up inside the bear. Soon another taller figure was also seen on the SLS Camera standing next to another guest and the figures soon went along with the REM and K2 activity and all remained quiet....just WOW!
The next area we went to was very quiet and after all this we seemed to have used all the energy and we had no more activity. What an excellent night with amazing guests. Thank you for all your hard work and look forward to seeing you again soon


TEAM LEADERS: Clare, Chris and David