Old Nick Theatre and Police Museum 19th July 2019


We started off after the welcome doing a white light protection in which only 3 guests who took part in this, in the theatre and then went to a group call out. Some guests did report a 'cold spot' and a feeling in the corner chairs. As well as a repeated unexplained noises like water dripping from the window area.This was then debunked as upon further research we all ruled this out to possibly be the the board on the inside which was covering the window. On investigation no water source was found for the dripping and the temperature had dropped in the 'cold spot' area. However there was no reading on the REM POD which was located in the centre of the room. There was also a noticeable, unexplained wheezing noise heard by a few group members during this time. The group then split up with some going to investigate the cells and some remaining in the theatre area. In the cell area there was reports in the female cell area of muffled talking but due to the other groups downstairs at the same time in separate areas we had to discount this as being possible activity. Also 2 other guests picking up the sound of a piano being played. Another part of the group in the male cell area did report repeated knocking and footsteps, this potentially could have been group movement in the theatre area & also a guests informing us from outside, there was a gate banging next to the location.We did try an experiment of everyone keeping still within their areas, but there was little subsequent noise. There was a very oppressive feeling in the male cells, with reports of shortness of breath. Meanwhile another part of the group in the theatre was using the SLS and K2 and picking on an unexplained presence which they were calling Peggy and seemed to respond to one of the guests singing old world war one songs. This was particularly in the area, earlier picked on a cold spot. The presence seemed to respond stronger to some of the female group members, one of the men in the group stating he felt 'pushed away' when in that area. Later in the evening a guest was reporting in the male cell area they were sweating profusely whilst everyone else was cold. On moving to the next male cell there was intense feelings of nausea and temperature dropped by two degrees. Spirit was asked to 'back off' the temperature went back up and sickness feeling lifted.

After a break we went as a whole group to the downstairs previous living quarters and did this to try and build a bond between guests & more energy to be created as a team. The spirit box, K2 and mel meter were all introduced to the group and placed around the subsequenting room we had all found ourselves in.The spirit box would only play piano music which tied in with the 2 gentlemen who had heard piano sound earlier on with your own ears & even with the odd wrong note for good measure! The K2 on the table was responding to questions asked rather than the spirit box. We also got the feeling that it was a female presence which seemed happy that we were there when asked.

The group then seperated with some going to the stairs area to which 1 guest using the IR video night camera picked up a floating orb right in front of his fellow group member and also upon being asked to whistle, whistles were heard by all 7 group members that were on the stairs. This was then also followed by a member of the group sensing a shadow figure stood in the door way below us. Meanwhile whilst this group was located on the stairs, 2 other guest's had accepted a Lone Vigil in the old reception/booking area to which a feeling of sickness was felt & then also a shadow seen moving walking across the frosted window, upon further investigation this frosted window could only be gained access to, was through the staff quarters and the only staff member of the building les was actually stood with the group on the stairs.

As we gathered all together again and headed upstairs into the back room which was once a police rest room we all sat and decided to use the SB-11 to which no responses were given to guest's questions. One guest felt the door being pushed from the other side to which we all heard and then to our amazement clear loud footsteps above us where heard by everyone in the room. This above us had been locked so no access could of been gained by our guests due to unstable ness of the building and with the rooms upstairs only being able to be accessed by the locked door we were all astounded by hearing the clear footsteps above us. One of our guest's also felt a feeling of nausea whilst located in the room.

With 2 groups then splitting between the female & men cells to which the group in the male cells having only little K2 activity and nothing much else on the table tipping session they had participate in, they all decided to join us in the female police officers office to which we had responsive K2 activity to which we attributed this to a male spirit that wanted to play games and coming across abit negative. Upon further investigation by our guest's they felt his negativity was coming across the wrong way and it was mistaken for negative energy. We then decided to run a portal session to which a name William came through and the word suicide came through, to which 1 guest linked this to a death certificate that she had come across in the male cell of a William who had committed suicide. This astounded all our remaining guests who were participating in this room.

2 guest's then decided to do some glass work to which the glass didn't really make any sense of the questions that where being asked to which we all then decided to call it a night.

No guest's where brave enough to bed down in 1 of cells but we all slept in separate parts of the building upstairs to which we all experienced some kind of noises as we put our weary heads on our pillows. Was this paranormal? We are not sure but we all had some kind of activity and 1 peice of activity that all wowed us where we all heard loud footsteps above us in an area that was un accessible was just incredible.

Throughout the night on the security camera several unexplained orbs were witnessed coming into the police station.

Thankyou for all attendees as this was an amazing location to investigate and we look forward to seeing you all again soon.


TEAM LEADERS: Clare and Chris