Railway Institute, Shildon. Saturday 30th November 2019

Before the night had begun, a guest had picked up on a male spirit who was a cheeky chap who liked the ladies bottoms. We began our night with the white light protection on the middle floor and began by opening up our senses and calling out to the spirits. A guest soon picked up on a possible portal in the corner of the room and a purple mist was seen in the same corner by another guest. The sense of someone who had possibly taken there own life by jumping from the window was picked up on aswell as a teenage boy, the feeling of a dislocated shoulder along with a vision of 1 guest seeing desks in the room as if was once a school or an office. The room seemed quite with no K2 activity prevailing but we were all blown away when we had around 5minutes with whistling on response which we tried to debunk from external noise but outside was clear, we were all very impressed with such good on command responses of whistling. 

We then located to the ballroom area which all seemed very calm, guests could see many spirits dancing on the floor carrying out there usual business. A feeling of what was possibly used as a hospital was picked up on along with a guest & member of staff having the same impression placed on them with a headache with ear pressure. The temperature sensor on the MEL meter was constantly triggered, however this temperature drop wasnt recorded on the MEL meter itself.

Guests then decided to split up with some going up to the 2nd floor where it was all abandoned and the others going down into the cellar. On the 2md floor it automatically had a sense of eyes watching the group, calls began calling out with some taps on response so decided to try a SB-11 session. Although a occasional voice came through, they wernt clear but a guest possible thought they heard the names Michael & Luke were heard. The group moved to another room on the floor & continued the SB-11 session but again the response that did come through were to faint to hear. 2 of the group did hear a man's sigh from the hallway area to which a screw was thrown down the hallway & asked to be returned, although this was never was returned everytime the screw was mentioned the K2 spiked all the way up to red and the group soon realised they had possibly upset the spirit by throwing the screw & left the area and ventured down to the cellar.

As the group entered into the dark huge cellar, an immediate feeling of unease with movement coming from the next room of the cellar so it was decided to enter that area. Once in the area everything went very quite and found movement to be heard back from the other area where they had started to which the group moved back over too. Movement, taps & bangs were heard but on 2 occasions the team debunked. All then became calm & quite and soon realised the group had gone from being deep in the cellar to following noises back to the bottom of the stairs, the group then decided this was a sign to leave the cellar and upon leaving 2 guests came down and whilst settling down into the darkness of the cellar a deep gutteral groan was heard by the 2 guests & team member which led to screaming which actually was heard by the other group up on the top floor. This was amazing.

The group which had heard all the commotion from the 2nd floor whilst doing there Vigils up there picked up on a world war I soldier with the name michael & howard coming through on the Portal box, shadows were seen in the room behind us all & with a sense of a spirit stood in the corner with us, not being happy with us being there in that particular area. Again although names & senses were picked up, no physical activity of movement & touch was experienced. This group this went down to the cellar once finished up on the top floor & began calling out and began to sense the name john being in our proximity, movement was heard, pin pricks of light were seen along with a mist form being also seen by guests, aswell as a feeling of a spirit that when asked if wanted to be our friend didnt want to but was aware of all our presence. 1 guest had noticed a bobble appear on the floor in front of her and confirmed it was there before hand whilst taps were happening on response. A few of the group returned upstairs whilst only 4 remained in the cellar and whilst down in this room in the cellar it became very dark and were amazed when something sounded like it had been dropped on the floor in front of them all but were unable to determine what this noise had been.

We all then decided to re group together & give it 1 last push up on the top abandoned floor, no response to glass work which we tried but the K2 did spike a fee times which was placed underneath the table we were using. The portable SLS was being used by 1 guest at this time & a figure was picked up by the table but again all remained quiet. Although during the night we didnt gain evidence to peice together a story of the location or spirits, we still had some great activity and we cant wait to return to this amazing location.
Thankyou to all that attended and gave great energy throughout the night.

TEAM LEADERS: Clare and Chris