Ryton Masonic Hall Saturday 26th October

We began with the white light protection and began to open up our senses and become familiar to the buildings natural noises.
As we began calling out, movement was heard along with temperature fluctuations. We continued to ask out and on response of the question can we hear your voice, in the hallway a laugh was heard. At this time nobody was around that could have made this laughter. 
We soon found ourselves retreat upstairs and again movement with the feeling of being watched. It became clear that the spirits were happy to stand in the shadows for the evening. Little K2 activity with responses to questions happened but as it began it soon came to a stop. Shadows were seen by guests along with feeling on edge by the whole of the group.
We conducted a seance and movement out of the room was heard clearly as if something was drawing nearer to us and a candle was blown out when asked however we can’t say paranormal or not to this as it could have been down to human bodies participating in the seance. A couple of flashing lights were seen along the back wall by a couple of guests.
Meanwhile, 3 guests had one of their names called out 3 times on the spirit box along with being told to get out. This same guest also found himself targeted at 3 screws being thrown at him while he was in the lodge with a couple of guests. They were unable to debunk where these had come from. 

All night everyone felt on edge, with feeling of being watched and followed and a sense if they calm before the storm’ but the spirits remained hidden in the shadows.
It was a very cold night and everyone gave it their all to produce so much energy and although it was a quiet night with very little activity the group was brilliant.
Guests bedded down around 4.30am with that eerie feeling still lurking within the building.
We always say we can’t make the spirits perform and this event shows exactly that.
Thank you to all who attended Halloween special Ryton Masonic Hall 12 hour Lockdown and for helping make the night enjoyable and we look forward to seeing you all again in the future. 
Go team Ryton Lockdown

TEAM LEADERS: Clare, Chris, Tall Claire and David