Shildon Railway Institute Friday 6th December

We began with a white light protection and open up our senses. While we began to call out, all seemed quiet and still but soon temperature fluctuations were noted along with fluctuations on the k2 which was static in the middle of the room.
A guest had picked up on the name Sid along with another guest having a burning sensation on her back.
As we continued to ask out we all heard taps and bangs on response along with some whistles. A guest was a little shocked as she felt someone walk past her but all in the room were nowhere around her.
It wasn’t long before guests began to split up to places they were drawn too and soon found activity in the old shower room with taps and bangs along with the sound of the squeaky door open (when it remained closed) followed by possibly a male voice being heard. A guest also felt a strange feeling on her finger as if it was numb. Was this a spirit who could have possibly had an accident regarding this finger and was placing the feelings into the guest? Once she was out the area, the feeling had lifted.
The group split and one group went up to the top floor while others went to the cellar.
The group on the top floor had some great responses on the mel and REM which were static on the empty room across the corridor. A feeling of not being allowed in this area was soon felt. The laser pen that had been on for a couple of minutes dimmed and drained quickly. A quick battery change we set the laser pen back up and asked the spirit to drain the battery completely to turn it off and a very quick response it did just that!!
A male voice was heard shouting from the level below us, we assumed at the time it was the group who were in the cellar coming up to join us. A few moments later a team member shouted up to us to ask if we had called down to them...who was this voice we had all heard so clearly?
We all changed and headed down to the cellar where a few shuffles, taps, bangs and footsteps were heard and upon a check nobody was there. All seemed quiet and we didn’t get much activity during our time in there.
The group on the top floor however were all feeling a very uneasy feeling and shadows in the corridor along with a spirit seen peeking their head around the doorway a few times by a number of guests. On inspection, nobody was out in the corridor. Guests continued to call out and were all amazed as they heard something from out in the corridor drop. Upon checking out they came across what could have possibly been a nail or screw that had been thrown. This followed a spirit box session to find out who or what had thrown this. The name Sid came through 3 times on the spirit box which was great as the beginning of the night this name was picked up on by a guest. When asked if he threw the screw they all heard a gutsy laugh on the spirit box. Guests felt very uneasy and headed down to regroup. During their time in the cellar, all was relaxed and calm but soon the room fell black and a shift in atmosphere was felt. All the group in the cellar heard a man shouting followed by footsteps coming down the stairs to join them but nobody came into the area...a team member shouted up to the group at this time who were on the top floor to see if this was them shouting down but it wasn’t!
A figure on the SLS camera was picked up and moved in response to questions asked.
We all regrouped for one last big push on the top floor for some glass work and table tipping. All seemed very quiet by now and not much activity on the table and soon the investigation came to an end.
A brilliant night with some great activity at times. Thank you to all our guests for helping make the night what it was and for such good energy throughout.
Look forward to seeing you all again


TEAM LEADERS: Clare and Chris