Solberge Hall Friday 8th November 2019

We began with the white light protection and opened our senses up and called out to the spirits of Solberge Hall. 
It wasn’t long before a guest soon picked up on a name of Louann which also followed by a little white dog.
The room was quiet but guests felt temperature fluctuations along with flashes of light. Could this be a spirit about to manifest?
We could all clearly hear footsteps above us but unfortunately had to put this down to a possible guest staying at the hotel. The room above us was in fact in darkness but we couldn’t say 100% it was paranormal. 

The name Earnie who was a butler was picked up on by a guest along with a boy around the age of 14 called Frank or Francis and a little toddler who was running around the room with blonde hair.
We began to start getting tapping on response but this was soon debunked at pipework in the room.
Guests began to get together and join hands to help build energy and during this a very strong smell of Strawberries were smelt by guests and this cake with the feeling of many feeling drunk/giddy or as if they were swaying.
One guest had to leave the area due to earache she felt was being put on her from a spirit of a Lady. This earache soon vanished once the guest had left the area completely. 

K2 activity began to happen in response to questions and it was decided that a trigger object of marbles would be left for the child spirit who had made contact with us to play with. We set up the marbles and recorded them incase they moved. Upon checks later in the night the marbles had moved and were on the floor. Unfortunately, these marbles had been moved by human hands after going through the recorded footage. 

Guests ventured down into the cellar but during their time had no responses.
Meanwhile guests in the bar area had some good activity. With the lady earlier on in the night having earache, this soon returned once stepping inside the bar area. As this happened, the REM began to light up in responses to questions It became apparent that the spirit of a lady had an injury to the head through a horse accident. 

During the spirit box session, nothing came through that really gave much sense however a guest holding the spirit box at the time asked for the spirit to say his name and it did.
The restaurant area brought an eerie feel to it and guests ventured in there to investigate where a guest used her pendulum to communicate. She came across a male spirit who was named Ged who used to work the grounds and would only ever come into the house when he was invited. He didn’t understand why we were here and some spirits didn’t want us here. After the guest explained, Ged was happy for us to continue and the room soon retuned to a calming feeling for the group.
All in all, Solberge Hall has never been investigated before, it has so much more to uncover. 

It was a quiet night but some good evidence caught.
We would like to thank all guests for maintaining the energy throughout the night and giving it their all and look forward to seeing you again in the future.

Solberge Hall has much more to uncover and many stories to unfold. Can’t wait to return here in January 2020.

Go Team Solberge

TEAM LEADERS: Clare, Chris and Tall Claire