Vane Tempest Hall Friday 21st June 2019

 ACTIVITY REPORT Vane Tempest Hall Friday 21st June

So after our initial white light protection for our guest's and after explaining why we do this, the group began its night. We all stayed in the sports hall downstairs and sat in silence listening to the environment & what noises the building gave out and whilst this was happening couple of our guests thought they heard a whistle which when a team member went to check if any extraneous noise was coming from outside, nothing was found. We also then heard after a while of absolute calm & quietness a loud gutteral sigh which all of the group heard with there own ears and all believed it not to of been from themselves. As we went along the name George came through along with the feeling of being sick being felt by 4 members of this emotion. Also a guest felt a rush of cold air go past her as if someone had walked by her whilst at the same time temperature fluctuations on the MEL meter & temperature gun. Guest's as we were still calling out where feeling a cold breeze across there hands aswell as a icy cold feeling on one guests ear. As this was happening 1 of our Male guest jumped in shock when he had a tickling sensation go down his back. It was then brought to out attention that during our vigil in the sports hall, the name SARAH was very prominent to 3 members of the group, aswell as on our live feed at the time someone at home watching the group activities was also picking up on the name SARAH. We carried on proceeding through asking out with only the MEL meters temperature gauge picking up on fluctuations, we found it was more a night of feelings as another guest then picked up on another name which was GREG and a feeling of a possibility of being a decorator as he had a image of a paint brush in his minds eye. Along the back wall, guests and also team members saw a white light flick across it quite prominently and when a team member went to check outside if a car had come into the locations car park but when outside there was no sign of anything that had made this light form through the window.

We then all moved into the dance studio at the opposite end of the building which all guest's & team members agreed it felt alot warmer inside. We then proceeded to use our laser grid pen on the wall as we called out and as we were doing so a attendee felt the need to do a Lone Vigil inside the cupboard at the bottom end of the room which he heard a wheezy breath next to him even though he was in there alone. As we carried on asking out which again no activity happening on the K2 meter, MEL meter & REM pod we all then thought we heard a Male laugh inside the room which again nobody thought it was themselves. We then proceeded to bring out our Spirit Portal box which we had the names JOANNE & VICTOR come through. We all felt with the sports hall having more of a colder/darker atmosphere we proceeded back in there where the group took part in a human pendulum.

Whilst the human pendulum took place, a team member took the gentleman who did the Lone Vigil in the cupboard back into this room and whilst nothing majorly happened they did have a tap on response right next to the guest. Back in the sports hall during the human pendulum, our guests worked really hard and the name we had got at the beginning of the night, GEORGE had come through very strong. He was in his 60's, married with children, he was around for World War I, he had been murdered by his brother through strangulation & at this point of finding the cause of death to GEORGE, a few members of the group became very emotional & had a feeling of sickness. We found out he was stuck in the building and he wanted to be re United with his beloved wife & kids, so with alot of hard effort from the team, he was released and crossed over.

We then all proceeded into the dark corridor and began a table tipping session that had a spirit come through gave responses to the group stating they knew they were dead. One guest had to leave the table due to having a sharp pain in his eye. We carried on with the table and had slight movements when we thought the spirit SARAH was talking to us and as this was happening 2 guests who weren't on the table, using the portable SLS camera picked up a figure stood behind a guest on the table and when asked to touch the lady in question on the top of the head proceeded to do so on the camera. We then began a session on our Spirit Portal Box to which some amazing results came through due to a family tree connection to the building. A name came through who was linked to the guest in connection to this, AMELIA & was confirmed by our attendee who also had a feeling of emotion come over her and had to leave the room due to this. We had the name of the guest come through, then asked how she knew her, the word RELATION came through which all heard. We then asked the question how many are with us now and the response which to our surprise was 9 and followed by a laugh which everyone heard around the box which we can only be describe as a mocking laugh.

We carried on further in the sports hall with an ouija board session hoping to get some messages come through but there was absolute no energy around the board for the planchette to move.

Overall a very very good night with plenty of group energy & participation taken by everyone. We do have some very good evidence on our Infared Video Camera which a guest picked up some very strange orbs in the corner of the screen when nothing had been picked up before or after and in the space of 10 seconds on the camera between 7-10 orbs shot out of the same place very quickly so we will hope to have this on the page for everyone to take a look at, as this is a very very good piece of evidence.

Thankyou again for everyone who attended and made the night so enjoyable in gaining so much activity.