Vane Tempest Hall Friday 7th August 2020


So after our talk through our covid-19 policy & then our white light protection we began our investigation like we do opening our senses with only a k2 meter sitting in the middle of the sports hall, not once did spirit interact with the k2 but seemed to be interacting with the guest's through physical & emotionally.
As we asked out mumbling voices were heard, whistling & temperature changes around guest's began. One guest picked up on a possible child along with the the name joselyn which was a different spirit. As the darkness started to filter into the hall as the sun went down, shadows along with constant mumbling voices were heard from the corridor aswell as another guest having to leave the area as spirit was impressing a choking feeling on his throat.
Once back in the area, the feeling had dissapated but a feeling of dread was still upon him & a military feeling(which is linked to the buildings history) along with the feelings of mass illness linked to small pox(again linked to the mass grave out side) we then introduced a few pieces of equipment including the SLS camera which produced no results as we placed in facing the corridor doorway were guests & staff were seeing shadows moving & then intorucing the laser grid along with the REM pod which immediately was interacted with by spirit. We then took a quick break to recharge our energy & headed outside to the reported mass grave. We settled down with a k2 & the REM pod which only the REM pod having a little reported activity when asked the spirit of the grey lady to show herself & once the portal spirit box was turned on a few names with Beth & Jack coming through with Jack possibly being linked to the military connection of the building.
A few other responses came through on the box but we all agreed that it could of been news on the radio waves as they were rather relevant to the current news. With the evening flying by & the last half an hour upon us we headed back inside & settled in our base room & set up a EVP recording which as we began listening back too the batteries were immediately drained. Again very quiet voices were heard along the corridor but apart from this the room seemed very still & calm with spirit seemingly standing back & staying there distance from us. We then hit the finish time & it was time to wrap up our investigation.
We would like to thank all guests for adhering to our strict covid-19 guidelines & giving all there energy & input throughout the evening. There is definitely some sort of energy that resides inside this building but seems to stand back but for now we leave them in peace to get on with there daily business.

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