Yarm Fellowship Hall 22nd March 2019

Yarm Fellowship Hall SOLD OUT

So here it is & WOW what a night this investigation we had at Yarm Fellowship Hall. Here is our activity report.

So once we had grounded ourselves with a white light protection a guest had sensed a overwhelming feeling in the corner of the main hall which led to a drop in temperature & also k2 activity. This seemed to flick between guests in the corner of the room & also guests on the main hall stage which led to a growl being heard by all. Whilst this all happened we also had REM activity. With the 3 gentlemen upstairs in the room joining us downstairs due to no activity we then set up a spirit portal session which led to being told a few ominous prompts which included "get out", "leave" & "run" also a spirit came forward to tell us they were not allowed to talk which was confirmed later on in the night during a human pendulum where a spirit was posing as a child & also during a portal session. The 3 girls at the time were upstairs were reporting a feeling of unease which led to a figure being picked up on our portable SLS camera along with drops in temperature & MEL meter activity. The most terrifying part though during this session was hearing a deep gutteral long groan which Clare & the 3 girls all heard with there own ears which led to panic amongst all 4 of them which made them retreat back downstairs. Once back downstairs a child figure was picked up on the SLS along with dog also being picked up which a guest sensed was injured.

Other guests then had moved into the kitchen with the spirit box where they got the names of John, Dave & Grace & also a bizarre noise which led also to panic amongst the group which can only be described as a sticking noise of a door being opened or closed. We tried to debunk this noise from every angle of the corner of the room it came from but couldn't find any answers.

Quite a few members of the group sensed a child playing hide & seek along with guests being touched by unseen hands. A session was then moved to the back room where all guests were participating in our human pendulum, portal spirit box session & ouija board. Nothing was reported on the ouija board but during our portal session we had clear responses coming through which led to a clear verbal voice heard by all once we had turned the spirit box off. Outside was checked but no one was found to possible make this noise.

Few guests had also reported a sense of a child upstairs following a certain member of the group around the room & being touched on the shoulder. Also at this time during the session a metal sound was also heard by guest's which again couldnt be explained.

Shadows were reported by many members of the group along with breaths heard by there own ears. All in all a sense of being played, unease or sick was felt all the way through the night.

Thankyou everyone for bringing excellent energy throughout the night and We look forward to seeing you all again soon