Chris: Owner England Scotland                                       First Aider
Location Manager

I suppose I class myself as a typical bloke, say that I will do anything...but you put me in an active room where unexplained things are happening, you will see I am not quite the typical bloke! I scream, I run like a girl, but the more we do, I find myself wanting more and more, wanting to know the unknown. I am a true believer.
We have travelled the length and bredth of the country to different locations, and I have to say that I do enjoy Old Castles and Jails although I do enjoy investigating theatres also due to how much emotions are held within the walls of these amazing buildings.
The Park Hotel in Morecambe holds a special place in my heart as this was the first place that I got to investigate having the whole building to just myself and Clare for a whole weekend.
I love to catch a good class A EVP, but my best evidence to date is when we had a stone thrown at myself and Clare when we were in a jail cell alone at Jedburgh Jail with the door shut. At Bensham Grove we had amazing dragging noises coming from the attic with footsteps, this area was out of bounds at the time! Another time of clear unexplained footsteps have been at The Old Nick Theatre and Kielder Castle.Setting up LVI  for me was very scary, but meeting all our LVI friends and having an amazing team has been worth it, sharing my passion with you all.

Clare: Owner England Scotland                                    First Aider
Food Hygiene 
Location Manager

I have always been interested in the Paranormal and over time it has become an obsession. Going to locations and experiencing feelings, emotions, sounds, right down to sightings scared me to death (no pun intended) to the point I would sit in a room that was that dark, you couldn't even see your own hand in front of your face...sitting there with my eyes squeezed tightly shut. I used to fear that the men in white coats would be coming for me, but with alot of work over time, and with the help from Chris, I became  used to the fact I was sensitive to the surroundings and even to this day, I work on developing my ability to tune into the stories of the buildings and spirits. I do not class myself as a medium of any kind, just sensitive.Although I believe, not everything is Paranormal. In fact I think that 96% of activity is able to be debunked. When we investigate these amazing locations, its a very small percent that we will come across that we are just simply unable to debunk. 
Simple things like a door opening on it's own...look at the flooring, is it wood? Have you disturbed the floorboard that has opened the door? Is there a draft coming from somewhere? For me it is those WOW moments that you have looked into every possible way and can not come up with a reasonable explanation. 
My best place that I have investigated is our EXCLUSIVE location at Elmwood Community Centre. Every visit here, we have different guests, yet the spirits still give us the same story that we can see a picture unfolding. We have so much more to uncover and learn from this location with the same spirits coming forward each time.
I have had many interesting experiences of the years and love sharing the new experiences with our amazing team and fantastic guests.
Setting up LVI was worth the hard work, sharing the world of Paranormal with fellow investigators.

Claire: (Tall)                                                     Team Member

Hi, I am Claire and I done my first ghost hunt in May 2019 and started with LVI the following month.  Although I am new to Paranormal Investigations, I have interacted and talked to spirits since being a toddler. That being said, I love using equipment to evidence active spirits and finding out the history of the venues.
The best experience I have had so far is at Ryton Madonic Hall, this venue has a lot of active, intelligent spirits.

Cam: First Aider                                           Team Leader
                                   Location Manager

Hi, I'm Cam. I have been actively investigating the paranormal for many years. I had my first experience when I was a very young child and since then I often 'see dead people'. In all seriousness, I love being a part of LVI, such a great team to work with. I am married to Craig and have 2 girls, Eva and Niamh. I am also (ok alot) interested in serial killers. I am not a weirdo honest!
My favourite location would be........ohhhhh this is a tough one, there is sooooo many. Maybe Newsham Park Asylum in Liverpool, this place is just amazing.  There is also the ancient ram inn, such a quirky little place.
My most memorable would be the Old Nick in Gainsborough, I was physically attacked but I would still go back!

Kathryn:   Team Member

Hello everyone, I’m Kathryn!! I’m from Durham but now live in Newcastle with my fiancé and my dog.
My first experience of the paranormal was when i was 14, after a family member passed away in the parents house and then came back to stay. I would see a shadow figure around the house, aswell as noises. It wasn’t until my Dad witnessed it with me one night that i knew i wasn’t going crazy. This was the starting point for me and combined with my love of history i was hooked. I love going around the UK and the world visiting historical places.
The most memorable investigation i have ever done was at Souter Lighthouse in Sunderland,which is where is saw my first full apperition. It was of a lady in a Victorian dress sitting in the corner of the Cafe,
It was an unforgettable moment.
I would absolutely love to investigate the Bamburgh Castle!
It has such an amazing building and has an incredible history.

Lisa:  Team Member                                        First Aider

Hi my name is Lisa Langford I live in Gateshead in the North East of England. I am a Reiki Practitioner and Tarot Reader. I have also done lots of training in Meduimship. I have been interested in the paranormal since I was 18 years old, my first experience with a spirit was when my grandma died and she visited me the night of her funeral. She came with lots of love and told me she was safe in the spirit world. After that experience I became very curious about the paranormal and started going to spiritual church's. I also started to develop my connection to spirit and found my spirit guide. Because I was so young I got spooked and stopped going. Then a few years ago I started to have experiences again and knew the time was right to pick this back up again. My daughter was really interested and for her birthday I booked us both onto a paranormal night. That's when my love for the paranormal really kicked in, we got some amazing activity seeing a child face and hearing voices. The best place I visited so far was North East Land, Sea and Air Museums. I seen someone walking past one of the aircraft's just the legs when I went to see who it was there was no one there. I also seen a very big shadow man 3 people seen the same thing. I am so fascinated with the energy that I can feel around me when I go on investigations and love tuning in to see what I pick up. I'd love to visit Newsham Park Asylum and 30 East Drive both on my bucket list.


Eileen: Team Leader     

Hi, I’m Eileen. I have had an interest in the paranormal for many years after witnessing activity in my grandmother’s home aged approx. 9 years of age. I have developed that interest and pursued the search for answers by way of investigation in a serious manner for the last 15 years or so, having been to venues around the UK and Eire. In my experience your own senses are the most valuable tool when on location and am a great advocate of Old School Techniques, enhanced by the use of visible aids like K2, Rempod, SLS camera and cat balls. I am looking forward to seeking further validation by way of shared experiences on this new adventure for LVI in Scotland.

Les: Team Member      

Hi, im Les Walton, have been part of LVI Scotland since June of this year. I like to consider myself as "old school" relying on my senses on vigils, although have started using "gadgets" on occasions, have always been a believer, can't remember not believing in spirits, i've experienced activity across a variety of locations, from the Edinburgh Vaults, Chillingham castle and other local hot spots, looking forward to getting out and about and meeting you all.

Tommy: Team Member    

Hi, I’m Tommy. I have been interested in the paranormal since the age of 15 after experiencing apparitions in the family home. Over the last 15 years that interest has progressed into investigations around the Uk and Ireland. I prefer old School type methods but also use visual aids and indicators like K2 , Rempod etc. I am looking forward to this new adventure as part of LVI Scotland team