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I suppose I class myself as a typical bloke, say that I will do anything...but you put me in an active room where unexplained things are happening, you will see I am not quite the typical bloke! I scream, I run like a girl, but the more we do, I find myself wanting more and more, wanting to know the unknown. I am a true believer.
We have travelled the length and bredth of the country to different locations, and I have to say that I do enjoy Old Castles and Jails although I do enjoy investigating theatres also due to how much emotions are held within the walls of these amazing buildings.
The Park Hotel in Morecambe holds a special place in my heart as this was the first place that I got to investigate having the whole building to just myself and Clare for a whole weekend.
I love to catch a good class A EVP, but my best evidence to date is when we had a stone thrown at myself and Clare when we were in a jail cell alone at Jedburgh Jail with the door shut. At Bensham Grove we had amazing dragging noises coming from the attic with footsteps, this area was out of bounds at the time! Another time of clear unexplained footsteps have been at The Old Nick Theatre and Kielder Castle.Setting up LVI  for me was very scary, but meeting all our LVI friends and having an amazing team has been worth it, sharing my passion with you all.


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I have always been interested in the Paranormal and over time it has become an obsession. Going to locations and experiencing feelings, emotions, sounds, right down to sightings scared me to death (no pun intended) to the point I would sit in a room that was that dark, you couldn't even see your own hand in front of your face...sitting there with my eyes squeezed tightly shut. I used to fear that the men in white coats would be coming for me, but with alot of work over time, and with the help from Chris, I became  used to the fact I was sensitive to the surroundings and even to this day, I work on developing my ability to tune into the stories of the buildings and spirits. I do not class myself as a medium of any kind, just sensitive.Although I believe, not everything is Paranormal. In fact I think that 96% of activity is able to be debunked. When we investigate these amazing locations, its a very small percent that we will come across that we are just simply unable to debunk. 
Simple things like a door opening on it's own...look at the flooring, is it wood? Have you disturbed the floorboard that has opened the door? Is there a draft coming from somewhere? For me it is those WOW moments that you have looked into every possible way and can not come up with a reasonable explanation. 
My best place that I have investigated is our EXCLUSIVE location at Kiplin Hall. Every visit here, we have different guests, yet the spirits still give us the same story that we can see a picture unfolding. We have so much more to uncover and learn from this location with the same spirits coming forward each time.
I have had many interesting experiences of the years and love sharing the new experiences with our amazing team and fantastic guests.
Setting up LVI was worth the hard work, sharing the world of Paranormal with fellow investigators.
I have also been attuned to Reiki for many years and am a Reiki Master and Teacher, Shamanic Healer and qualified Past Life Regression Therapist. 

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Hi, I'm Cam. I have been actively investigating the paranormal for many years. I had my first experience when I was a very young child and since then I often 'see dead people'. In all seriousness, I love being a part of LVI, such a great team to work with. I am married to Craig and have 2 girls, Eva and Niamh. I am also (ok alot) interested in serial killers. I am not a weirdo honest!
My favourite location would be........ohhhhh this is a tough one, there is sooooo many. Maybe Newsham Park Asylum in Liverpool, this place is just amazing.  There is also the ancient ram inn, such a quirky little place.
My most memorable would be the Old Nick in Gainsborough, I was physically attacked but I would still go back!

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Hello everyone, I’m Kathryn!! I’m from Durham but now live in Newcastle with my fiancé and my dog.
My first experience of the paranormal was when i was 14, after a family member passed away in the parents house and then came back to stay. I would see a shadow figure around the house, aswell as noises. It wasn’t until my Dad witnessed it with me one night that i knew i wasn’t going crazy. This was the starting point for me and combined with my love of history i was hooked. I love going around the UK and the world visiting historical places.
The most memorable investigation i have ever done was at Souter Lighthouse in Sunderland,which is where is saw my first full apperition. It was of a lady in a Victorian dress sitting in the corner of the Cafe,
It was an unforgettable moment.
I would absolutely love to investigate the Bamburgh Castle!
It has such an amazing building and has an incredible history.

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Hi my name is Ged i am married with 3 children and have been investigating for approx 15yrs . I have personally had a few experiences i couldn’t debunk i am a believer in the paranormal but sceptical enough to want to know why its happened !!
I have had poltergeist experience, stones thrown at me, and had voices whispered in my ear. I love being with LVI and having the freedom ( co vid allowing ) to do my own thing !! I look forward to meeting like minded people especially if your into the unknown and serial killers !! I used to work in Forensic learning disability services at a local psychiatric hospital now work in Co vid services so am used to being scared on a daily basis . Please feel free to introduce yourself if we meet on an event “” good hunting “ Ged

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Hi, I’m Alan and I’m a full-on believer. From a very early age, I grew up in a house that was home to a very active poltergeist (it centred around one of my sisters who is a natural sensitive). I’ve seen and heard some very weird and scary things that just can’t be explained away. I think that’s what drew me to attending Lone Vigil Investigation events as a paying guest. I’m extremely open minded and tend to analyse what I’m hearing and seeing as there is nothing I hate more than someone jumping straight to ‘it’s definitely paranormal’ when they hear a noise or see a shadow. I prefer to use my senses on an investigation but am intrigued by the use of paranormal equipment that we offer at events - I have captured some really clear EVP examples at different locations. My favourite venue so far has been Ryton Masonic Hall, where an angry spirit called me out over the spirit box and threw multiple metal screws at me!

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Hi I’m Tonia. My first paranormal experience was at a local Northumberland castle ; it was amazing and had me hooked from the very start. Although I class myself as an open sceptic & look to debunk what ever is thrown at me, I love to investigate all things paranormal. I am a screamer and often hide behind a cushion whilst watching any kind of horror /scary movie…. I currently live with paranormal experiences in our home and would love you find out who it is trying to make contact. I very proud to be part of LVI and look forward to meeting you all soon. X

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Hi my name is Stephen, I’m originally from Wigan but now live up in the Northeast with my wife Angela. I’ve been interested in the paranormal since my young teenage years. It all started when we as a family would get a strong smell of burning candle wax in the kitchen, but no candles had been lit or blown out. This happened for a couple of years then stopped. My mum would say it was her grandma coming to visit. I have had a few experiences since, that I can’t explain. The one that sticks out the most was when I was on an investigation at The Sunderland Air Museum, myself and some other guests saw an apparition of a large gentleman in the main hanger. It is something that I will never forget. I’m a true believer in the paranormal and hope to experience more of this in the future with LVI and guests. 

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Hello all!
My name is Mark Graham, I am a teesside lad who currently works full time supporting vulnerable adults in the community. From a young age I have always had a keen interest in anything paranormal. I experienced a lot of unexplainable phenomenon in my younger years - stuff that I have never been able to explain or forget. Though I am fairly new to paranormal investigation in the formal sense, I have absolutely loved learning from the LVI team. I look forward to meeting more great guests and seeing what we can uncover together!

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Hi my name is Robbie, I’m from Durham. Over the
past many years I’ve always wanted to believe that there is life after where we are! I used to listen to stories off my dad when I was a child of what he had experienced in the local area such the blue lady in our local nature reserve and other stories he told me. I’ve experienced a few things over the years but thought
to myself am I just hearing and seeing things or maybe it’s my eyes playing tricks on me. I never really became a strong believer until I started doing the paranormal investigations with the LVI team witnessing shadows and receiving full clear messages on the spirit box… Mainsforth Miners Hall was a canny scare for my self especially when a spirit set the elevator off I didn’t know how quick to run…. I might seem like a tough old lad but I’m a big scardy cat really! I do come from a family that was involved in the mining industry so to be able to investigate the likes of Mainsforth Miners Hall and such places is amazing and I can’t wait to investigate more with this amazing team!