We are excited to announce that Lone Vigils Investigations, can offer you a 12 hour lock down at the Majestic Theatre in Darlington.
We are the only team in the UK to be able to offer you this amazing opportunity to not just investigate this amazing theatre, but to also sleep amongst  the dark corridors and centre stage.

We would like to thank The Majestic Theatre, Darlington for this amazing opportunity.

Please visit our store for details.
We have 2x spaces available as a raffle prize to a very good charity event happening on Saturday 9th March 2019. The Charity is for Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust. https://www.facebook.com/events/270215123878842/?ti=icl
We hope to see you all at this amazing fun day event. Please see the link for more details. 
To update, This event was a huge success where they raised an amazing total of £540.25. 
We were pleased to have been apart of helping raise funds for this charity and we look forward to meeting the winners on their chosen event in the future.
We have another 3 exclusive events to Lone Vigils:
We would like to thank the Onsite Building Trust for their help and support securing these amazing locations.
Elmwood Community Centre dating back to 1870's
Whitton and Stillington Village Hall dating back to 1820's
Ragworth Neighbourhood Centre rife with paranormal activity
These buildings have so much history to uncover and we are very excited to be able to offer these to you.

We can now proudly present to you BYKER COMMUNITY CENTRE as another EXCLUSIVE event for our investigations.

Mentioned in " haunted Newcastle " book written by Darren W Ritson this 3 storey building built in 1928. Inside the 3 storey building the basement was once used as a morgue to hold the victims of world war II. Part of the building includes the apartment flat were the caretaker would of once lived. Located on the 2nd floor a ballroom & dancehall once graced many occupants. Before the building was built, the land was the original Byker farm & estate.

Many reports have to come to light including the feeling of not being alone & watched, footsteps being heard in empty rooms, a sound of the piano being played on the empty top floor, sudden drops in temperature, countless light anomalies, doors slamming shut along with members of staff & public being touched by unseen hands.

With a church standing right besides this ominous building could the activity also be emminating from the religious building & grounds.

This is a location the Lone Vigils Investigation team have worked hard to gain access to and we thank Aly for her great input & support she has given us so we can bring you this amazing location steeped in history exclusively for Lone Vigils Investigations where you won't get anywhere else.

Keep your eyes peeled over the next few coming days for release dates for this amazing location.