Well this is exactly what you can do on some of our Sleepover ghost hunts.

Yes, you have the chance to sleep in a place where you may have encountered paranormal activity!

We are pleased to have EXCLUSIVE rights to  12 hour lockdown events for you to investigate the night away at THE MAJESTIC THEATRE in Darlington.
We are the only team in the UK to offer this service to you.

We offer certain locations as a sleepover event. Once we have investigated the location, you have the chance to either bed down for the night or continue investigating the night away. 

You will need to bring a sleeping bag and a pillow as some of the locations involve sleeping on the floors so bring a mat for comfort. Washing facilities vary for every location but most of the haunted locations that we use only have the very basic facilities.
Please keep an eye out in our Store for upcoming Sleepover/Lockdown events, or contact us.