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First built in the late 15th century, Jacobs Well became an inn during the 1600s. It was acquired by the Church in 1904, but by the 1980s significant renovation work was required to ensure its continued survival. Jacob’s Well was built on the edge of the Priory precinct around 1474 with an endowment given by Alderman Thomas Nelson. Alderman Nelson’s gift enabled the building of a ‘lodging chamber’ for a chantry priest to pray three times a week for himself and his family in the Priory church. Holy Trinity Priory was dissolved in 1535 though the church was kept in use as the parish church. In 1547, the chantry was suppressed and the priests moved out of the house. Not yet known as Jacob’s Well, it was bought in 1549 by Isabel Warde, the last Prioress of Clementhorpe Nunnery, for herself and her sister. Their brother was a Brother in the Priory. In 1566, three years before her death in 1569, Isabel Ward made a Deed of Gift to the parishioners of Holy Trinity Church, to provide a Charity for the parish. The agreement made between Isabel and her Charity Trustees was that she should be allowed to live in the house for the rest of her natural life on annual payment of a rent of one red rose, payable on Midsummer Day. After her death, the house would revert to the Trustees.  In 1633, Henry Rogers, Rector of Holy Trinity is recorded as living in the house before building himself a new Rectory where the present Rectory stands. He was probably responsible for the 17th century alterations in the house. By 1749, licensed premises had come into being, leased by the Trustees to Elisabeth Knapton. In the lease, the house was described as “lately … two messuages”, suggesting that the two separate parts had been reunited for form a single house. It was now known as Jacob’s Well. In 1902, according to licensing records, the inn consisted of a bar and a smoke room, and a taproom used as dining-room and kitchen. Accommodation for the resident licensee was upstairs. In the following year, perhaps because the inn was no longer a viable business, the licence was surrendered and transferred to a new public house in Nunnery Lane. Jacob’s Well was taken back into use by the Trustees as the Parish Room for Holy Trinity Church.  For 500 years it has maintained the tradition of hospitality and service and now you have the chance to see what history can be uncovered of this Grade 1 listed building.

So you have seen all the paranormal shows on TV. Well now is your chance to become an investigator. We pride ourselves on our scientific research and we are a gadget friendly group although we also like to use old school original methods of contacting spirits which include Ouija boards, table tipping and human pendulum. Although we do enjoy our gadgets, we are big believers that the best tool for the night is yourself. Open up all your senses.
Nothing is faked and we can't make the spirits perform– what you see is what you get! A real, paranormal investigation.
What will you uncover when the lights go out? Only the brave will dare!!

9pm-2am Deposit £10pp Full payment £25pp
Deposit balance due 6 weeks prior to event date 
Refreshments included
Over 18s only. Anyone under the influence of drugs or alcohol will be refused. Terms and conditions apply

Jacobs Well
Trinity Lane
North Yorkshire

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