Moira Furnace 12 hour Lockdown Saturday 25th April 2020 10pm - 10am


Moira Furnace was an Ironworks Factory with a huge blast furnace, built in the reign of King George III. Located by the Ashby-de-la-Zouch canal in Moira, Derbyshire. In 1804, the Earl of Moira ordered for the construction of the furnace to take advantage of the amount of iron ore and coal that was present underground in the surrounding Ashby Woulds owned by him.

Moira Furnace has had a tormented and turbulent history and it is not surprising that many disenchanted souls still lurk within its walls and beyond. Our ghost hunt at Moira Furnace will include vigils and experiments in some of the most active and sinister areas of the location. These include the infamous Marys kitchen, a styled Victorian kitchen which still houses authentic objects from its time. Many families lived in the furnace building itself right up until the mid 50s, shortly after WW2. With so many areas to investigate for evidence of ghosts and spirits we feel sure that Moira Furnace will not disappoint.  

 There have been many reportings of paranormal activity at Moira Furnace, including the story of a drunk man who lost his footing one night, fell into the canal and drowned. His spirit has been seen floating along the canal, terrifying visitors to this site. Disembodied voices are heard throughout the building. The feeling of uneasiness and nausea has been felt when guests have entered in certain areas of the building. Shadow figures have been sighted in the workshops, and the ghostly apparitions of former workers have been witnessed on the grounds, in the main building and on the site of the former foundry. 

So you have seen all the paranormal shows on TV. Well now is your chance to become an investigator. We pride ourselves on our scientific research and we are a gadget friendly group although we also like to use old school original methods of contacting spirits which include Ouija boards, table tipping and human pendulum. Although we do enjoy our gadgets, we are big believers that the best tool for the night is yourself. Open up all your senses.
Nothing is faked and we can't make the spirits perform– what you see is what you get! A real, paranormal investigation.
What will you uncover when the lights go out? Only the brave will dare!!

Saturday 25th April 2020 10pm-10am £40pp
Refreshments included
Over 18s only. Anyone under the influence of drugs or alcohol will be refused. Terms and conditions apply

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This location has no sleeping facilities, you are required to bring your own camp bed & sleeping bag/pillows. This location is not suitable for wheelchair users or those with mobility issues.

Moira Furnace Museum,
Furnace Lane,
DE12 6AT

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