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Stirling Old Town Jail was built in 1847 when the old Tolbooth Jail became too overcrowded and was rated as the worst prison in Britain. Although living conditions undoubtedly improved with the new jail, the strict regime of solitude, labour, coarse food and discomfort would still have been a deterrent. The building was still in use as a military prison until 1935.

Poltergeist activity is said to be common and many visitors report being touched by unseen hands. There have been reports of children crying, Dark shadows along with the sounds of what can be explained as something being dragged.

Dare you join us in this amazing location? So you have seen all the paranormal shows on TV. Well now is your chance to become an investigator. We pride ourselves on our small group policy of having 12-15 guests on events. We like to use old school original methods of contacting spirits which include Ouija boards, table tipping and human pendulum. Although we do enjoy our gadgets, we are big believers that the best tool for the night is yourself. Open up all your senses. Nothing is faked and we can't make the spirits perform– what you see is what you get! A real, paranormal investigation. What will you uncover when the lights go out? Only the brave will dare!!

9pm-2am  Deposit £10pp Full payment £35pp
Deposit balance due 6 weeks prior to event date

Refreshments Included

Old Town Jail,
St John Street,
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