Ryton Masonic Hall, Newcastle Saturday 6th June 2020 9pm-2am


The lodge found here today was built in 1920 to house 26 Ryton Masonic brethren which led them to become the founder members of the building that stands today. The lodge itself is linked to the Ryton holy cross church which is 700 years old and is to be believed to be built on the 1220's. After consecration W.Bro & I.G Maguire were installed as masters after lengthy meetings held in Ryton parish hall. Many of the founding members forfilled there duties for many years to come & there souls will be left within the fabric of the building which they represented for so long. Indicative of the growing strength of the lodge and interest in masonry in Ryton, a daughter lodge Ryton st Mary's in 1947. The crest used on all lodge's is linked to Ryton' s oldest building the holy cross church and is linked back to as far as 1781.

This eerie building holds many secrets with many claiming an intense atmosphere around the location. Staff & customers experiencing noises when no one is around, feeling faint, whispers & seeing things with there own eyes. Could this be 1 of the many hauntings due to the large and extensive range of people who gave so much to this hall.

Black House Lane, NE40 3AE, Gateshead

9pm-2am £25pp. Over 18s only. Anyone under the influence of drugs or alcohol will be refused.  Terms and Conditions apply.

Why not come and try for yourselves along with the Lone Vigils Investigations team to see what you can uncover at Ryton Masonic Hall.
includes refreshments
This location is suitable for wheelchair uses or those with mobility issues.