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Leeann recommends Lone Vigils Investigations.

Myself and husband did the park hotel with these lovely people they very friendly and experienced in paranormal .we had a great weekend and some good evedence and not to mention I crapped myself we will definitely follow these two 

Melanie recommends Lone Vigils Investigations.
These guys are very professional investigators that take the paranormal seriously. A great team that I would thoroughly recommend. Will be seeing you on Investigations soon. Mel

Lorraine recommends Lone Vigils Investigations.
Brilliant company with lots of experience...would definitely recommend

Darren recommends Lone Vigils Investigations.
Used Lone Vigils for a couple of private events, they are a great team that are really into the paranormal. Cant wait for future events

David recommends Lone Vigils Investigations.
Really good team. Had a great night. Thank you

Alex recommends Lone Vigils Investigations.
Really know their stuff whilst keeping it fun. Can not recommend enough.

Steven recommends Lone Vigils Investigations.  
Great night can't wait till we book another one with my friend

Timothy recommends Lone Vigils Investigations.
Thanks for a great night last night at air museum, will join you again at another time.

Haley recommends Lone Vigils Investigations.
Brilliant night on our first experience we will certainly be coming back

John  recommends Lone Vigils Investigations.
Had a really good night at yarm with these guys for my 1st investigation i would highly recommend doing an investigation with them and already planning my next one

Kelsey recommends Lone Vigils Investigations.
Would like to thank Clare and Chris for a great night at Elmwood last night. Very professional, couple with a passion for the paranormal. Respectful of all, on both sides. Would highly recommend Lone Vigils Investigations. Keep up the good work guys! Much activity throughout the building, spirit were there in abundance. Great bunch of people x

Royah recommends Lone Vigils Investigations.
Amazing evening at the Elmwood centre with lots of activity. Highly recommend Clareand Chris, very professional and can't wait to attend another investigation thank you xxx

Kendra recommends Lone Vigils Investigations.
I would like to thank Clare and Chris for a fantastic night at Ryton Masonic Hall Friday night. This was my first event with Lone Vigils Investigations, and they are very friendly, with a positive attitude, genuine, and professional. I have already booked tickets for otherupcoming events with this group, which I am looking forward too! I highly recommend Lone Vigils to explore the paranormal with.

Ged recommends Lone Vigils Investigations.
Just a quick note about last nights investigation!....First time with this group. (and I have been with everybody practically) defo wont be my last. very inivative way of investigating wether you are a seasoned vet or virgin everybody doing and going with what they were comfortable with! Lots of activity for such a small place and met some cracking people (from both sides) cheers for the laugh troops...after a 12hr shift yesterday and now on another 12hr shift today...was it worth it "HELL YEAH" thanks to Chris and Clare for a brill nights sleep deprivation! Ged x

Cihan recommends Lone Vigils Investigations.
Amazing night with lots of unexplainable things happened and definitely left me a believer. Cant wait to book up and come along again! Great night thanks to all

Ellie recommends Lone Vigils Investigations.
I throughly enjoyed my night at Elmwood community centre. Already booked another night. Great advice from Chris and Clare. Overall, a great night I will not forget.

Victoria recommends Lone Vigils Investigations.
Went to Elmwood community centre last night with the team. Clare and Chris were very welcoming and professional. I had a great time and will definitely becoming back!! already looking at your upcoming events....see you soon

Karen recommends Lone Vigils Investigations.
Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed last nights paranormal Investigation. Was my first time, but certainly wont be my last. Chris and Clare were very welcoming and fab hosts for the event. There was plenty of activity to experience and lots of opportunities to use different equipment to enhance the investigation. I particularly enjoyed the 'human pendulum' and would certainly do this again. Thanks for a great evening fellow ghost hunters, Chris and Clare. Looking forward to the next one already!

Cath recommends Lone Vigils Investigations.
Very enjoyable experience at a new location. I like that although Chris and Clare were there to provide support and advice they pretty much left us to it to explore if thats what we wanted to do. There were quite a few people who had never done this before and they were made to feel supported and confident to give it a go! I also like that the team look for new places to investigate, ones that have not been explored either at all or for many years. I would recommend this team  to either the experienced or amateur ghost hunter.

Tony recommends Lone Vigils Investigations.
Got this as a gift from my partner who took me to me to an LVI event, had my first real experience of contact at one of their exclusive haunts...great people, well run, good equipment, lots of knowledge learned and an excellent night. Thank you

Lee recommends Lone Vigils Investigations.

First time attending one of these and it was fantastic from start to finish. 

We attended Stillington Village Hall. 

Chris & Clare were very welcoming and added fun into the night too. We experienced some activity which made the whole experience worth while. 

We will definitely be booking another one soon.

Wendy recommends Lone Vigils Investigations.

human pendulum was brilliant , table knocking and spirit boxes awesome stuff

Gary recommends Lone Vigils Investigations.

First time doing an investigation with the Lone Vigil Team and would highly recommend to do a tour with these guys. Unlike your big companies who overcrowd and rip your eyes out,Chris and Clare keep their parties to a small manageable number with very reasonable prices. Definitely investigate with these again

Louise recommends Lone Vigils Investigations.

Was a bit skeptical before arriving and didn’t really know what to expect as this was my first ghost hunt but after speaking to Claire, Chris and the other members of the group I opened myself to the possibility of there being active spirits in the building. Each member of our small group were friendly and made us feel at ease throughout the night. Tony and I both took part in several paranormal activities using different equipment and found this really interesting. Can’t thank the team enough for a great night of mystery, laughter, and unanswered questions....when the night had finished we sat and googled Stillington Village Hall archived files to try and uncover what actually happened there but it just made us more curious! Thoroughly enjoyed the night, the atmosphere and everything that went with it especially clear indication of spirits being present. Already looking to book our next ghost hunt with Claire and Chris Lone Vigils Investigations

Michaela recommends Lone Vigils Investigations.

They are true to themselves, making for a good investiagting crew x

Marie recommends Lone VigilsInvestigations.

Thanks again for Last night! It was an amazing event, we loved it! Well done.

Christine recommends Lone Vigils Investigations.

Great Night at Byker last night thank you Chris and Clare I loved using all your equipment and seeing and hearing spirit.

Emer recommends Lone Vigils Investigations.

Soo proud of you guys looks like your absolute flying and its not hard to see why. So likeable and genuinely awsome people to be around. Very professional and know pretty much all there is to know about the paranormal and enthusiasm in abundance. I am certain you will continue to grow, keep doing what you are doing.

Dana recommends Lone Vigils Investigations.

Really interesting night with a relaxed atmosphere with the team. Loved it when the piano played a note when we sang upstairs and seeing the stick man sat on the chair. Thanks for letting us join in.

Karl  recommends Lone Vigils Investigations.

Had a great night really nice couple very professional with great tech and would love to work with them again soon

Emma  recommends Lone Vigils Investigations.

Had a brilliant time at Byker Community Centre event. Chris and Clare are fantastic hosts, very welcoming and friendly. We had a number of different experiences on the night and enjoyed using the equipment. I would highly recommend Lone Vigils to anyone looking to explore the paranormal. Can't wait for the next event.